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Essentialities Of Prospective Marriage Visa

Australia is one of the beautiful and well-maintained countries in the world, that’s why it is preferred by loads of overseas aspirants. Prospective Marriage Visa or fiancé visa is for individuals who desire to arrive in Australia to marry and stay with their prospective spouse who is the Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia or entitled News Zealand citizen.

Prospective Marriage Visa allows the applicants to:

•   come to Australia prior to their marriage with their fiancé

•    live and work in Australia

•   Learn and study in Australia with no admittance to government funding.

•    Tour Australia time and again whenever they want with the granting period of visa (9 months)

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Eligibility Criteria of Prospective Marriage Visa  

➢      Applicant should apply with the intention to get married to an Australian citizen or permanent resident or entitled New Zealand Citizen.

➢      Applicant ought to be sponsored by his/her intending partner.

➢      Applicant must very well know his/her prospective spouse or both met in person.

➢      Partner of the applicant must be of opposite gender

➢      Applicant must be of minimum 18 years of age as well as comprise excellent health and moral conduct.

➢      The applicant and his/her partner really determined to get married within nine months, i.e. granting period of the visa.

This visa also apply if

➢      The marriage between you and your partner is an arranged marriage

➢      You and your potential partner met as kids and the wedding was approved earlier then you turned eighteen years of age.

➢      You met each other on the internet

Visa Charges  

The applicant has to pay the below charges to apply for the visa

❖      Base Application Charge of the visa- $3085

❖      Supplementary Applicant charge up to 18 or above 18- $1545

❖      Added Applicant charge up to 18 or under 18- $770

The applicant has to pay for some additional charges such as

❖      Medical Examination charges- these charges are paid straightly to the physician carrying out the medical examination

❖      Police check charges- these charges are paid to the consequent authorities in the relevant nations where you have resided for more than six to twelve months depending on the subclass of visa

❖      Charges for certification/ translation of Docs- these charges depend on the verifying person as well as the number of document copies to be certified.

So if your marriage is on the way and your potential spouse is the citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand you can apply for Prospective Marriage Visa to come to Australia and live and work there prior to your wedding.

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