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Evisitor Visa – Way To Australia Subclass – 561

Evisitor Visa – Way To Australia

Hey, planning vacations?

If you are getting trouble planning your vacation and deciding the place you should visit, consider this article and your problem might get solved. if you are in mood of spending your vacations out of the country, why don’t you try visiting Australia. You can get to know Australia more closely and make some unforgettable memories out there.

E visa 

Well, if you want to visit there but don’t want to indulge into the paper work needed for visa, you can go for evisitor visa. The idea behind introducing e visa was to minimise the headache of documentary work and collection of papers. Society is being digital now a days and Australian government understand this thing very well, hence they decided to adapt the concept of e-visa. In this process, all the documentation work is done electronically along with the stamping of documents and handing them over to the applicant.

Eligibility criteria 

You will be eligible to apply for evisitor visa (subclass 651) only if you fulfil the following terms:

  • you must be a physically and mentally sound person and for that you need to submit your medical certificate.
  • You also need to have a clearance certificate from the police of the country you belong stating that you have no criminal records.
  • You must convince the responsible authority your motive of visiting Australia (it could be short term study course or holiday in Australia).
  • You must have sufficient funds to sponsor yourself and your family members if they are travelling with you.
  • You should be able to convince the visa officers that you will return to your country as soon as your visa expires.
  • You don’t owe any liabilities to Australian government and if you have, you have arranged the funds to pay it back.
  • The important point that you should know here is that there are few selected countries, whose citizens are eligible to apply for this visa and those cities are Andorra, Portugal, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Croatia, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Czech republic, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Finland, Monaco, Malta, Germany, Luxembourg, Greece, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Italy, Ireland, Vatican city, Romania, republic of san Marino, Sweden, Spain, united kingdom, Switzerland, Slovak republic and Slovenia. The citizens of other countries cannot apply for evisitor visa.


If you can get the visa subclass 651 then you can spend your holidays in Australia. You can visit there for business purpose or to meet your relatives, residing in Australia. You will also have authority to stay in Australia for three months for the study purpose and hey, the best thing is you can work as genuine volunteer (it can be paid or unpaid).

If you will visit Australia once, you will crave to go there over and again. The scenic beauty of country is enough to catch your attention and make you fall in love with itself. make a list of must see places in Australia and rock your holidays with yourself or along with your family.