Former Resident Visa Subclass – 151

Token for permanent resident in Australia: Former resident visa subclass 151

The immigration is common among the living creatures, we all know that birds do immigration   from one place to another during winters. The humans are not different from them. However, they do not move only because of weather conditions but due to several other reasons. The international movement of a person into a particular destined country which is not his or her native country and he or she is not a permanent resident of that country.

Immigrating to Australia 

The Australian government offers some great opportunities to the people who desire to reside there or the aspiring immigrants. The government of Australia provides many visa facilities like the skilled migration visa, study visa, business visa and the Former resident visa subclass 151. Talking about the Former resident visa subclass 151, this type of visa is for the people who was the permanent resident of Australia at a time as well as for the people who served in the defense force of Australia providing them the permanent resident in the country.

Criteria’s of getting the Visa 

  • An individual should be the permanent resident of Australia for about nine years before the age of 18.
  • To get the Visa you may have served in the defense force of Australia.
  • A person should be under the age of 45 years.
  • Should  not the citizen of Australia
  • Having a property in Australia along with some business interest over there.
  • A person who maintains a close business, personal or cultural tie-ups with Australia.
  • One has to be in a well mental and moral condition.
  • There should not be any due debts on the government of Australia.

How the Visa could be useful? 

The Former resident visa subclass 151 is a type of permanent visa with the feature of travelling which allows the visa holder to travel from and to Australia. This travel facility is only valid till the time period of five years. After the facility of travelling is expired the visa holder has to apply for a new one and after the new visa is granted the visa holder could avail the travelling facility till the next expiry date comes.

Cost of getting the Visa 

The basic application charges for the Former resident visa subclass 151 is 2370$/3520$, the additional charge for the applicant for 18 and over is 1185$/1760$ and the other additional charge for the applicants below the age of 18 is 595$/880$. Along with that an external charges for the visa include the expenses made for paying fees of the doctor who conducts the medical examination.

Australia is one of the most attractive destinations for immigration as there are a large number of the aspiring immigrants who apply for visa to reside in the country. According to a report thousands of immigrants visit Australia every year for various purposes like travelling, getting settled, studying and working as well as for setting up the business over there.