Has Anyone Recently Managed to Get PR in Australia Recently For The IT Industry With Only 60 Points Under The Class “Skilled Independent 189”?

The visa application in question here is the one that has to be applied for by individuals that are interested in seeking unsponsored permanent resident status in the country that will allpow them to live and work in the country permanently. For gaining the permanent resident visa for Australia, one has to meet the points-based immigration system that the immigration authority of the nation has adopted. In this, an applicant is judged on factors like occupation, skill, competency and additionally stand at the minimum of 60 points on the scale. There are factors like education, years spent in the country, language proficiency, special skills, nominaton, age, etc. that assign a minimum value to a person. This minimum value is used by the government to gauge how valuable the individual will be as an immigrant.

The minimum of 60 that has been set as the base score for securing immigration, guarantees that the person has enpugh resources and skills to settle down easily in any part of the nation. In other words, it would not be incorrect to say that the points system is for the welfare of the incoming citizen too. If you are falling short on any front, try to work and improve yourself. You will reap the benefits of your endeavours later.

Getting the elusive PR status:

Australia skilled independent visa subclass 189 is a sought after ticket, one that is not so easily got. But to answer the question directly, yes, there have been applicants who have secured this visa based on getting the minimum of 60 points as required by regulations. For those of you who have been trying to get your papers in order for sometime, go to the online site of the Australian immigration and check your eligibility on its online meter. Even if you have every other thing required for a visa, you will not be allowed to file an application unless you come through the points based system. This last hurdle might prompt some agitated individuals to question the legitimacy of the test. But it has been planned with keeping the best interest of the country in mind. By enlisting the help of a points based system, the government can create a pool of qulaified individuals for itself to choose from.

The IT hub:

India has one of the largest number of IT candidates in the world. this has made the nation a go-to option for seeking qualified talent. A number of individuals have found themselves working in Australia for the native as well as multinational industries. All you have to do is gain relevant experience before you apply for it. There is a special cloumn which taakes into account the number of years spent working outside the country (Australia). This section is worth up to 15 points and can make the difference between staying this side and sailing abroad.