Higher Education Visa Subclass – 573

All You Need To Know About Higher Education Sector Visa Subclass 573

Higher Education Sector Visa Subclass 573 is the student visa which authorizes the foreign students to study at the universities of Australia for a specific time frame. This student visa can only be applied by the foreign students who intend to pursue a course or degree program at the Australian University which leads to one of the following awards.

  • Graduate Diploma
  • Graduate Certificate
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Associate’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Higher Education Diploma or Advanced Diploma

Before applying for Higher Education Sector Visa Subclass 573 you need to ensure that you have been accepted to study any full-course at the educational institutions in Australia which leads to one of the above-mentioned awards.

The Highlights of Subclass 573 

Foreign students who apply for Higher Education Sector Visa Subclass 573 can enjoy the following benefits while studying at Australian University.

  • It allows you to stay and study in Australia
  • It authorizes you to bring eligible dependant family members along with your in Australia
  • Apart from your studies, you can also work for 20 hours per week until the completion of the course and unlimited hours during public holidays.
  • The dependant family members along with you can also work for up to 20 hours per week after you have started the courses in Australia. However, family members of students who are pursuing Master’s degree or PG courses can work for unlimited hours once they have started the courses.
  • You eligible partner can also study in Australia for up to three months only

Eligibility Criteria Set for Higher Education Sector Visa Subclass 573 

Apart from being accepted for any fulltime courses in Australian University, there are also other eligibility criteria which you need to meet in order to qualify for applying for Higher Education Sector Visa Subclass 573. Being the applicant you need to meet the following eligibility criteria.

  • Successfully completed 12 years of schooling with academic records and school reports
  • You must be enrolled in registered in higher education courses
  • You must have English Language Skills and Proficiency in speaking, writing and reading
  • Sufficient funds to support your studies, survival and accommodation throughout your studying years in Australia
  • Applicants must have health insurance before applying for the Subclass 573 visa and the insurance plan must cover any health conditions and hospitalization in overseas.

How Does The Subclass 573 Visa Works and Its Cost? 

Prior to submitting your application for Subclass 573 Visa, it is necessary that you have valid acceptance letter for a fulltime course at Australian educational institution. You are also required to provide the evidence of the confirmation of enrolment or CoE at the time of loading your application for the visa to study in Australia.

The applicants will be charged one-time non-refundable amount as the application fee. Apart from the application fees, you also need to pay the additional cost for health assessment, police certificate and other tests and certificates. Applicants are also required to bear the cost for other necessary arrangements.