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How Do I Move To Australia From India

Australia is the most famous key destination where most of the Indians want to work, study, live or settle permanently. Australia is just a perfect country to immigrate especially for skilled workers From India. the employment rate is very high, people live a quality life, wages are high, the population is multicultural, friendly and helpful that is the reason why young people from India get attracted to Australia. Australia is also blessed with beautiful cities like Sydney which is famous for scenic beauty, if you want to move to Australia from India there are different pathways you can use I.e skilled migrant, businessmen, student it totally depends upon your skills and preferences.

The options available for Australia immigration from India

As a skilled worker: you have to start by choosing an occupation from SOL (skilled occupation list)or CSOL( consolidated sponsored occupation list) to apply for desired vi the the category. If you want to move to Australia as a skilled migrant you need to go through the skillselect procedure (point-based immigration system of Australia). where the points will be based on your English proficiency, age, knowledge, character, and health. The required points are 60 in order to get an invitation for a visa

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The above category can be divided into two:

1.Skilled Migration Category: if you choose to apply under this category you will be reviewed based on your skills and past work experience. The skilled independent visa subclass 189  comes under this category. After choosing an occupation from SOI you need to submit Expression of interest and if your profile will get selected you will get an invitation to apply for a visa.

2.Nominated category: if you want to apply under this category you need to first get nominated from an Australian state or by your employer but first you need to choose an occupation from consolidated sponsored occupation list.

These both types of visas are permanent in nature.

How to move to Australia on a temporary work visa?

Temporary work visa allows you to work for 4 years. The visas under this category are sponsored Provisional visa I.e.

Temporary work (skilled) visa (subclass 457 ),

Skilled Regional ( Provisional) visa (subclass 489).

There are few more option by which you can move to Australia I.e.

  • You can apply for an appropriate business visa. If you wish to start a new business or have an existing business in Australia. Visa under this category is Business and investment visas.
  • If you are a spouse or relative of a permanent citizen of Australia, you can also get a permanent visa, however, this type of visa is going to be sponsored visa. The sponsor can be one among the spouse/patent/ partner/ relative of the visa applicant.
  • As there are so many new courses and big universities are there in Australia so you can get enrolled in world-class Australian universities in that you need to choose the appropriate university and course for study. A few student visa categories are:
  •  (a)  Higher education sector visa ( subclass 573)
  •  (b) Postgraduate research sector visa ( subclass Research Vocational education and training sector visa (subclass 572)
  •  (d) Training and Research visa ( subclass 402).

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