How Does Australia Verify Employment Record For 190 PR Visa?

Do you want to move permanently to the country of Australia? Then you must proceed further for getting 190 PR visa. You must be wondering what category of visa is this. Like other visa, this is a subclass of PR visa which provides same facilities but to skilled employees only. If you are an Indian and are worried, that how to apply for such visa then do not worry because there are various agencies which has been established to provide Australia permanent residency services in India.

More about 190 PR visa:

This visa give permission to skilled workers nominated by either state government of Australia or any territorial government in order to do job and live as a permanent resident of Australia and that too, for indefinite period of time. This visa enables the holder:

  • To get enrol in the scheme of health care of Australia, Medicare and expenses.
  • To sponsor family members or eligible relatives in order to have temporary and permanent residence.
  • To travel to Australia from anywhere and vice-versa.
  • To get the Australian citizenship after fulfilling necessary requirements.

People can also enjoy the advantages of scheme related to health insurance running by the Australian government and can get the benefit of other social security payments.

Minimum eligibility criteria for obtaining 190 PR visa:

Nobody can acquire permanent residency visa Australia unless they fulfil the minimum eligibility requirement. The prospective applicants are required to comply with following prerequisites:

  • They must possess relevant occupation.
  • At the same time, the candidates must have required assessment of skills for particular occupation.
  • They must meet out the test point deadline of sixty points out of total hundred points.
  • They should be nominated either by any state or any territory agency of government.
  • They should not exceed the age limit of forty five years at the time of filing invitation.
  • They should be proficient and competent in English and one other foreign language.
  • They should be invited by any organisation situated in Australia.

The process of getting Australian 190 PR visa is little complex as compared to other categories which takes time and the applicants are required to prepare various documents, fill forms, submit the same before the deadline and some other things in order to become the permanent resident of countries like Australia. For obtaining this category of visa, one has to be very competitive in every aspect. Even the minor details can get the candidate either selected or rejected.

With the new rule passed, the authorities of Australia have turn to be very strict in giving away PR. Any incorrect details in the application of visa can debarred the candidate for maximum 10 years. Therefore, it is preeminent to provide accurate information and because of these reason Australian officials rechecks the employment record. Usually, they go through the checking process of all the submitted documents and more emphasis is laid on written documentation. The authorities of Immigration can also contact the previous employer.