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How Long Does It Take To Get A Student Visa To Australia?

For the students who are willing to go and study abroad especially, if they are seeking to get their education in Australia, then it is essential for them to have proper knowledge about the application process of student visa Australia so that they get visa within the stipulated period and with the least problems.

What does the study visa let you do?

If you want to persuade your studies in abroad, you firstly, need to have a visa which allows you to stay there and study. While the visa which is provided to the students is a temporary visa which is valid up to the time the studies are going on, later after studies student must move back to the country where he came from.

So, students if are interested in immigration to Australia from India you need to know certain important things about the application process.

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Under which program you can apply for student visa?

There is a visa program named as, subclass 500 student visa. The application is to be submitted online through the official site of Australian immigration. A student as young as 6 years can apply for the student visa Australia. The maximum duration of this visa is for a period of 5 years.

This is to be noted that from the institution you are going to study should provide a written notice verifying you as a student there. Also, you need to submit the complete tuition fees of the institution before you ask them for written verification.Hence, an applicant for this visa needs to provide his Certificate of Enrolment/written verification in order for the visa to be granted.

Requirements for getting the student visa Australia

  • A reasonable IELTS score: A candidate who is looking forward to getting this visa should do well in IELTS. This exam requires a mandatory score of 5.5 in all its bands for a candidate to qualify for student visa Australia. However, if a candidate is ready to pursue training of ELICOS while pursuing his course in Australia, then the scores can be as less as 5(10 weeks of ELICOS training) and 4.5(20 weeks of ELICOS training).

Other exams are also sufficient to prove the knowledge of English language to get your visa 500 Australia.One of such exams is thePTE(Academic) where the minimum acceptable score is 42 if the candidate does not want to undergo any English language training. However, as the score in this exam reduces to 36 and 30 respectively the number of weeks required for ELICOS training is 10 and 20 weeks respectively.

  • Genuine temporary entrant: This is the requirement which should be met for anybody aspiring to go to Australia on a student visa Australia.As per this requirement, a student needs to prove to the visa assessing officer, that after completing his studies, he intends to move out of Australia. So, he has only a temporary need to stay there during his studies.

When is the right time to apply?

It is always a wise decision to make a start as soon as possible. Therefore, as soon as you get the Confirmation of Enrolment from the institution you are looking forward to studying in, you can apply for the visa 500 Australia.

Already applied for a visa under working stream, and now you want student visa?

Yes, you can do it. The working visa and student visa both are completely different, and one doesn’t have any impact on the other.

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