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How Long Is Australian Tourist Visa Valid For?

Visiting a foreign country is a lifetime experience, something to be always kept in mind and remembered and occupying a silent niche in the heart. But before going on a trip it is necessary to be well aware of the laws of that land especially the laws and norms regarding immigration as, if there will be unawareness it may catch you off guard and result in serious trouble on a foreign land completely unknown to you. If you are going on a tourist visa to a country you should be very careful and have full information about the issue date, processes involved, money spent, checks ad measures at airports, documents required and the most important validity period of the visa and expiry date.

Before the expiry of your tourist visa either you should prepare to leave the country or initiate procedures to extend the validity period of your tourist visa, do remember if you will fail to do so then a small carelessness on your part may have huge repercussions on you and your tourist party which necessarily may not be good.

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Tourist Visa for Australia

Australia is a beautiful land blessed with many natural and man-made wonders to boast of. Going to Australia on a tourist visa will certainly be a heavenly experience- a sweet memory captured in the lenses of your heart never to be deleted again and always a corner of happiness in times of sadness and gloom. Visiting Australia is incomplete without seeing the nature’s most adorable gift- the Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s biggest coral reefs in the world.

Getting a tourist visa issued for Australia has been made easy by Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) which has made it possible to Apply for tourist visa online reducing a lot of complications for the appliers.The best thing about this new process that once you have obtained your unique authorization number, you are permitted to enter Australia on tourist visa for three months.

There is one more option- Australian holiday visa which gives you the liberty to enter and stay in Australia for three times irrespective of the number of times you visit during the twelve month period your tourist visa is valid. In these typical cases it in compulsory to take expert advice of migration agents.

Conditionsfor Applying For Tourist Visa

  • You must have a clear criminal history with no current ongoing or pending lawsuit against you.
  • Youmust not be suffering from tuberculosis.
  • You are not entitled to employment rights in Australia although you can conduct business visitor activities like negotiations, enquiries, conducting conferences etc.
  • A maximum of three months residence is allowed in Australia each time you visit o a tourist visa.
  • If any of the above norms are violated by any individual or party there will be strict action against them.

Make sure you fulfill above norms and do enjoy your tripwith your family, office colleagues or friends.

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