How Long Will It Take To Process My Business Investment Visa?

A person can apply for a business visa only if they are planning to invest in Australia, they can invest alone or with their partner. In order to apply for the business investment visa one has to be present in Australia at that time, a person also needs to have all their documents ready in order to apply for it. Australia is known to have a stable economy so investing in Australia and immigrating there is a highly profitable decision. The immigration process is not that tough, in fact it is very accommodating.

The processing time for all the visas depends upon how fast the requirements needed for the visas are fulfilled. The minimum time is 17 months for the processing of the visa which can extend to 20 months. For different visas the requirements are different so the processing time would differ.

Types of investor visas

Business innovative stream- This immigration scheme is for those businessmen who have business skills to manager or start a new business they can even start by managing an already established business in Australia. The criteria for this visa is:

  1. Person applying for the business innovative stream needs to have a turnover of 500,000 Australian dollars for atleast 2 years in the business you want to start or manage.
  2.  The person applying must have 800, 00 Australian dollars as assts with them, but these assets should be legal so that they can be transferred to Australia once the visa is given.

Investment stream- It is the most common category of the business investment visa; the requirements for this visa are:

  1. The applicant applying for the business investment visa should be of atleast 55 years while applying.
  2. For this the applicant has to score 65 points in the point test for the business investment visa.
  3. The applicant must show that he/she possess management skills that are needed for running a business or for any business activity.
  4. The business investor visa applicants must have atleast 3 years of experience in some other business.
  5. The previous track record should be successful in handling of other business activity or investment.
  6. The applicants need to show interest that they plan to stay in Australia for atleast 2 years, especially in the state where they want to invest.

Significant investor visa- This is given to those who are willing to invest 5 million Australian dollars for over 4 years; the requirements for this visa are:

  1. A person needs to show genuine interest and will to stay in Australia.
  2. One has to stay in Australia for atleast 40 days in a year during the provisional visa or you have to prove that your spouse has stayed here for 180 days in a year.

Premium investor stream visa- This visa is for those who are willing to invest atleast 150 million Australian dollars and this visa category is only for those who are nominated by the Australian government.

These are the different types of investment visas for which one can apply; the higher you are ready to invest the higher benefits you will get.