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How to Apply for the Australia Working Visa

How to Apply for the Australia Working Visa

The Australian Working Visa is for the people who want to live and work in Australia for a short while or persistently, people should themselves take care that for which type of visa they are applying.

Before applying for Australian working Visa, you should follow the following basic requirement:

  1. You should have the valid travel document like passport,
  2. Every Country requires healthy employers so should have a good health,
  3. There should not be any criminal record or immigration related convictions,
  4. You should have enough money so that you can manage your initial expenses on arrival and subsequent stay
  5. You should have subsequent way to come back your home’s Country if you get stuck in Australia after expiration of your visa that way can be financial assets, friends, family, etc. who can ensure your way out.

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There are basically 2 categories of visa:

  • Skilled Migration Visa: This category of Visa is designed for the foreign skilled individuals who have skills that are needed by the Australian Labour Market.
  • Nominated or Sponsored Work Visas: This category of visa is for the individuals who have required skilled and are sponsored or nominated by the following:
  1. A recognised Australian employer,
  2. A Territory or state Authority &
  3. A government agency of state.

To work in Australia, you should meet the following requirements:

  • You should have appropriate certificates to prove your proficiency in English Language, i.e. you should provide your IELTS Score.
  • The occupation for which you are applying must be in appropriate Skilled Occupation List,
  • You should have the appropriate skills and experience for the job you are applying for,
  • Your skills should have been gauge by an gauging authority acknowledged in Australia,
  • You required to meet the character and health criteria,
  • You should meet all the additional criteria depending upon type of visa you are applying for

How to apply for Australian Working Visa

  • Depending upon the type of Visa you are applying for, the procedure for applying working visa is:
    • Skilled Visa: For Skilled Visa you should submit the online EOI (Expression of Interest) on Skillselect. The online system for retrieving and processing applications for Skilled Migration in Australia is the “Skillselect”. Your details like Age, Skills, Education, Language proficiency, etc. Will received receive by Skill select and if you get selected you will get nomination from Australian state, or employer to apply for visa in Australia.
    • Sponsored Visa: If you want to apply for sponsored Visa then you must be sponsored by the business in Australia. For applying for sponsored visa your employer should be an approved sponsor. Once your employer lodged the application to nominate you then you can apply for sponsored visa. You should mention your TRN (Transaction Reference Number) or Application number affirmed by your employer in Australia.

  • If you are applying for the Australian Work permit Visa then it’s beneficial to you if you get the assistance and support from Australian Immigration Specialist. The Nile Migration Consultancy will help your way to Australia. Services provided by Nile Migration Consultancy are the online EOI submission on Skill select, assessment arrangement of documents and skills, letter drafting and also, Nile Migration Consultancy has Australian Immigration Specialist for your support in settlement in Australia.

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How Can We Help ?
+61 2 9037 8432,   +91 11 49444555

So, are you ready to get a Australia Working Visa?!

Through Nile Migration you can apply directly Australia working Visa click here

You may call the qualified immigration experts at Nile Migration on contact no. 011-49444555 (Delhi), +61 2 9037 8432 (Australia).

To confirm your eligibility for Australia working Visa, you may fill the free assessment form. You may also send your queries with regards to Australia immigration and Australia working Visa to email id-

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To know about Australia working Visa processing time, application costs and more kindly, visit our FAQ page.

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