How To Apply For Tourist Visa In Australia From India?

If you are planning to visit Australia as a tourist, then the most important task than needs to be accomplished before than others is to get a visa for yourself. In fact, Australia is one of the most beautiful country to go for a visit with your near and dear ones or simply to enjoy your vacation. Every year, people from various parts of the world flock to this country and majority of them are from India.

About the place: You have those brilliant sandy beaches where you can go for surfing, coastal drive or simply enjoy the exotic coastal beauty by relaxing over there. Besides, you will always have the chance to explore the wildlife beauty and landscapes, rain forests and national parks. You will simply be thrilled to see how beautiful the nightlife of Australia is! The cuisines over there are worth falling in love with.

All you need to know about getting visa for Australia 

If you are willing to go to the country merely for a tour, then you can consider applying for the Visitor Visa Subclass 600. This visa is valid for certain duration which is mainly up to 3, 6 or 12 months and will cost you around AUD135 TO AUD1000. By using this visa, you will be allowed to visit Australia for the below mentioned purposes:

  • To meet your family or acquaintances who stays in Australia.
  • For certain commercial purposes like going for a business meeting or such activities related to the same purpose.
  • Simply for holidaying or for a trip.

The time for processing your request for the visa will take anytime between 48 hours to one month. In this regard it should be mentioned that in order to obtain the Visitor Visa Subclass 600, the following three conditions need to be met:

  1. You shall need to submit a fitness certificate as well as a character certificate from a valid authority. This is required to check whether you are physically fit and to make sure you do not have any objectionable record.
  2. You need to show the various kinds of activities that you intend to do during your stay in Australia. It is like specifying your purpose of visit. The immigration authority needs to be convinced and conformed properly that you are a genuine visitor. Trip to Australia is a bit costly. So before granting you visa, it is confirmed once whether you have the sufficient fund to utilize during your stay in Australia.

The immigration authority will also let you know whether you would be requiring any sort of sponsorship from a member of your family in case you intend to visit your family. You shall also be informed in the due course about the requirement of any security bond while applying for visa.  In some cases, a health insurance cover of 12 months also needs to be shown. After the completion of all these official steps, you shall be able to obtain your visa for Australia.

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