How To Get Pr In Australia Through Subclass 457 Visa From India

When it comes to the question of moving and settling abroad, the majority of Indians would opt for Australia because of the fast growing infrastructure, wonderful job opportunities and a high quality urban and luxury lifestyle. Obviously, the country would not grant the permission of being a permanent resident to a foreigner from the very beginning and so in order to go to Australia, a person would at first need the Subclass 457 visa. In order to get this visa, one needs to get employed by a reputed and recognized Australian employer who is going to sponsor your visa.

How to convert your subclass 457 visa to a PR in Australia?

After being eligible to apply for permanent residency in Australia, you will have to follow the mentioned methods in order to get the permanent residency through a Subclass 457 visa:

You need to get a PR from 457 Visa through the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS). This can be done through the following ways:

  • TRT (Temporary Resident Transition) Stream: If you have worked in Australia for two years on Subclass 457 visa, you can apply for this. However, your employer needs to nominate you for this and will confirm the need of verification by a Regional Certified Body.
  • Direct Entry Stream: If you have fluency and mastery over English and nominated skilled assessment along with the necessary qualifications, you can apply through this stream. The other requirements in this field remain same as the above.

Getting a PR visa via Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) can be a second option and it can also be done through two ways:

  • TRT (Temporary Resident Transition) Stream: After two years of working in Australia, you can apply for a PR but your employer must nominate you and continue your sponsorship.
  • Direct Entry System: Here, you need to have three years of experience in the nominated occupation along with mastery over English and you need to provide your skill assessment.

Get PR via Skilled Migration Visa

In order to apply for Skilled Migration Visa, you need to have a significant score in the IELTS and other skills will be assessed through an online testing system and you can proceed further only if you have a score of above 60.

Get PR as partner of Australian citizen or Permanent Resident

You can also apply for PR in Australia as a partner, spouse of fiancé of an Australian citizen or eligible citizen of New Zealand or of a PR in Australia. Based on your current relationship status, your PR will be granted to you after two years of application. In this way, you can get PR as a partner of Australian citizen.

In case you are having a problem in doing the requisites, you can take expert opinion and hire and experienced and certified Immigration officer. You need to fill a free assessment form provided by the expert and then shall be able to have an idea about the formalities.