How To Immigrate From Australia?

Australian citizens have multiple opportunities of going to Canada. They can go there on a visa to this country, on a short-term visa or even opt for immigration.

Short term visas for Canada-Working holiday and the tourist visa

A tourist visa to Canada allows Australians to be there for so many reasons which include excursion, study, and business visit.

  • The candidate should have the necessary travel document for a passport.
  • He should have no criminal record which can lead to cancellation of his application for the visa.
  • The most important component of a tourist visa application is that you have true intentions of going out of the country when your time of the visa will end.
  • You can’t go to Canada on this visa unless and until you have some money in your bank account which is essential. This money will let the government know that you won’t be using doles, when in Canada.
  • The Canadian tourist visa allows you to remain in Canada for 6 months. And the frequent travel can be allowed on this visa for a period of a decade.

The next category of visa is the Working Holiday visa. This visa is also useful for Australians who decide to be in Canada. So, you can stay in this country for a time interval of 2 years on this visa. This visa is an amazing opportunity for those who want to work, or seek work or explore the country on purpose of excursion. Its because this visa is provided under the three distinct categories:

Working holiday: It is a useful opportunity. Its because its valid for 2 years and is a work permit without putting up the restriction of you working for a particular employer.

Young professionals: This visa is useful for those who have the employment opportunity in Canada and can easily work there for 2 years for a designated employer only.

Co-op Interns: This visa is for those who have the opportunity to do an internship in Canada included as a component of their studies.

Canada immigration visa

The last visa which is quite useful for Australians is the Canada immigration visa. This visa  allows immigration to all the Australians provided they have the complied with all the restrictions which include English language adaptability, age, years gained in work experience and education. For the English language adaptability, candidates just need to get 7 in all the four bands of IELTS. The rest of the conditions are also not tough for anybody to meet.  A candidate needs to have 12 months of experience and should have a graduate degree in education. All in all, a candidate needs to have scored 67 points cumulatively which make him eligible for getting the Canada immigration. The Canadian experience class is also valid for Australians as per which they need to show 12 months work experience in Canada.

This work experience should be for a professional company in Canada and not any kind of internship. This internship includes all the internship experience gained during a  working holiday visa in Canada.