How to Immigration to Canada From Australia?

It’s quite easy to get immigration to Canada from Australia. The Australians also don’t face any problems while adjusting to the country of Canada. Immigration to Canada from Australia has happened for a long time and Australians are living in provinces like British Columbia.

The Canada immigration schemes which are open to Australians are as follows:

    • Federal skilled trades
    • Federal skilled worker
  • Canadian experience class

Each of these programs selects the right candidate for immigration. All you need to do is to come to a decision at which of these programs best complies with the reasons you want to be in Canada. It’s not so tough to get a job in Canada. So, if you have one, the category of Federal Skilled Worker is applicable to you. If you have ever worked in this country because your Australian organization sent you there to work and the time limit was at least 1 year, then Canadian experience class is right for you.

  • Australians can also apply for Canada immigration through the Quebec entrepreneur program. As per this program, it’s not so tough to gain Canada PR. The foremost condition to be eligible for immigration is that the candidate must have assets worth CAD 300,000. A business operating experience of two years is also mandatory. The candidate should have a 1/4 6th share in this business.
  • Another category of business investment in Quebec is the investor category. As such, the investor is required to make a major investment here in the amount of CAD 8,00,000 with a finance company of Quebec.

The third category under which you can immigrate to Quebec is Self-Employed Worker Program. This program requires the candidate to have a minimum amount of CAD 1,00,000. It’s important to also have 2 years experience to be considered smart enough to follow the profession of choice in this province.

Its necessary to include the test results of either English or the French language with the application. The results of the IELTS test can be included for English language proficiency. Now, Quebec has also mandated some tests in French for proving proficiency in this language. The candidates need to sit for the exam of Advanced Diploma in the French Language.

If the target of an Australian citizen is to immigrate to Canada for a short-term period only, it’s better to apply for a Canada working holiday visa. Under this visa, there are privileges granted to holders of the visa which includes staying in Canada for a two-year time period. The working holiday visa has categories such as working holiday, international co-op and young professionals. All these categories allow Australians to stay in Canada and work.

However, you can work for Canada under any number of employers as per the requirements of the working holiday visa category which is different for the rest of the two visa categories under which candidate needs to specify for whom he has to work. This specification has to be made when your visa is getting applied for.

An immigration consultant Australia will file the correct visa application to the Canadian embassy in Australia.