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How To Move To Australia From Oman As Skilled Worker

Australia is a developed country which invites people from all over the world to give them valued education and multiple job opportunities as per there skill set. it is an advanced nation known for its beautiful cities, friendly and helping people, multicultural environment and safety. these are few of the key features of Australia which attracts skilled workers from around the world to migrate to Australia. But if we talk especially about Oman so lots of people particularly skilled workers come to Australia every year in search of work or can be said better job opportunities.

Australia From Oman As Skilled Worker

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So there is a process which needs to follow if a skilled worker wants to move to Australia. The process is below.

Australia immigration from Oman

Canada & Australia are the top destinations for people overseas who are looking to get settled abroad.As there are many employment options in Australia you can choose the occupation which matches your skills and previous work experience. If you are one skilled worker who is looking for immigration from Oman to Australia first step you need to take is to explore the high demand occupation list of Australia which is divided into two i.e skilled occupation list (SOL) and consolidated sponsored occupation list (CSOL).

Skilled visa option in Australia.

Once you have found in skilled occupation list(SOL) or CSOL next step would to choose the right skilled visa category to apply for a visa in Australia from Oman. The key visa categories for Australia are :

  1.  Skilled independent subclass 189 visa: this visa is a permanent visa to Australia. As it is clear from the title itself it is an independent visa for which you need not any sponsorship from your employer or any of family member or relatives. State nomination is also not required.
  2. Skilled nominated subclass 190 visa: it is stated nominated visa so clearly you need state nomination first to apply.

How to apply for a skilled nominated visa to Australia.

First, you need to check if  your occupation is on skill occupation list after that there are few steps which need to follow :

  1. There are certain criteria which need to fulfil to get eligible for the visa which include basic English skill, age should be less than 50,  you should meet their health requirement, character requirement and top of all you should be willing to sign Australian values statement.
  2. You must complete a Skills Assessment and obtain a required score (60 points)  in order to be eligible for the Subclass 190 visa.
  3. You will need to submit EOI (expression of Interest) through skillset(skill set programme will be related to your background, skills and work history).
  4. Once you submit your EOI, it will be viewable by government authorities looking for prospective workers with your skill set. If a government decides to nominate you, you will receive a letter of invitation to apply for the 190 visa.
  5. Once you find an employer and get the nomination you can apply for visa 190 online.
  6. There are few documents which need to be submitted online when you will apply for visa 190 visas.key documents are test result for English proficiency and skill assessment from a relevant authority.

The whole process can take 3 months to get completed. one your application is approved you will get visa 190 and can start working .the Skilled Nominated Work Visa offers all the benefits of Australian permanent residence for you and your family.If you require vital assistance to get a visa from the certified Australia migration expert you can check online as there are experts available there to help fulfill your dreams.

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