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Immigrate to Australia without a Job Offer

The world economy is growing at a very fast pace and one of them is the economy of Australia, which is blooming day by day, attracting many potential and skilled professionals from around the world to come and be a part of the big picture. You can also apply for a permanent residence card if you are willing to make Australia a permanent abode for yourself and your family.

There are certainly some obligations and official procedure which you need to comply with in order to attain a permanent residence card and become an Australian citizen. Even if you do not have any work opportunities, you can immigrate to Australia without a Job offer as well.

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Basic eligibility criteria for Australian visa: 

Certain eligibility criterias have to be fulfiled by the prospective candidate who wants to apply for an Australian visa. Some of them are mentioned as follows-

  • Valid Passport- Before applying for an Australian visa, the applicant should posses a valid passport issued by the concerned authority of his/her country.
  • Photograph- The applicant should have original photographs at the time of filling the application form for Australian visa.
  • Financial statement records- A detailed and verified bank statement has to be submitted by the applicant in which his financial transactions and records should be provided.
  • Identification Card- When travelling to any other country, you should have an original identification card issues by the authority of the applicant’s country.

Eligibilty for applicants without job offer: 

There are many people who want to immigrate to Australia without a Job offer or any type of sponsorship program. The criteria for them are different from those who want to apply for a tourist visa or work visa.

Following are some the criterias for immigrants with no job offer who wants to apply for an Australian visa:

  • There are two types of visas available for professionals looking to go to Australia without any job offer or sponsorship, such as- A sponspored or nominated visa and skill independent visa subclass 189.
  • In order to apply for any of these two visa categories, the appliacnt needs to be proficient in English language, should be skilled, qualified, and must be of the required age group and posses some experience.
  • You should have all the required and essential documents that need to be submitted at the time of applying for the visa program.
  • A health certificate needs to be issued by a recognised authority in respect of the medical condition of the candidiate. The document should certify that the applicant is medically and physically fit to apply for the program.

Once you are done with the above mentioned criteria and submittion of all the relevant documents is completed, you need to wait for a call from the authorities in respect of allotment of the Australian visa. Several consultancy service providers can also assist you in applying for the visa program, charging some amount of fee. As soon as you get the visa, you are ready to make your future brighter in a country like Australia.

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