Independent ELICOS Sector visa subclass – 570

Eligibility for elicos visa subclass 570

The elicos visa subclass 570 is a student visa which allows all international students for entering the Australia for studying on ELICOS. ELICOS stands for the English language intensive course for overseas students. For being eligible for student visa, the eligibility criteria is following as,

  • Offer proof of the acceptance onto ELICOS course at Australian organization as electronic confirmation of the enrolment code, the letter of offer and confirmation of the enrollment letter.
  • Must have funds for paying for the travel, maintenance cost, tuition for them and for family members included on application.
  • Meet levels of the set of English language proficiency by organization
  • Meet all requirements of various health which include the health insurance.
  • Meet character requirement which means usually the criminal record check.
  • Must satisfy the Australian official that they will not overstay the visa. This is also termed as genuine temporary entrant requirements

The elicos visa subclass 570 for student less than 18 years

  • All students under age of 18 should meet well some of the eligibility requirements for granting visa.
  • These students must have guardian or parent sign on their visa application. If guardian and parent are unable to do the same, they can offer statutory declaration letter giving permission for student for traveling to Australia
  • A copy of the Australian form 1229
  • Stay with guardian or parent or even other relative over the age of 21 years.

Length of stay under elicos subclass 570 visa 

  • This elicos visa subclass 570 allows all students for staying in the Australia for duration of the studies, additionally a set of the period which is determined by length of student’s course and what time of year that get finishes.
  • The course length must be less than ten months. The visa can last full length of course and one month.
  • The course length of ten months and more is finishing between Jan and October month. This visa can last full length of course, additionally two months.
  • The course length of ten months or more finishes in November and December. This visa can last until March 15 of next year


The students can also include some family members on visa application as Partners, the dependent children or dependent relatives, which includes the partner’s dependent relatives and children.


This elicos visa subclass 570 allows automatically the students for working for around 20 hours every week during their term or study time and also full time during the holidays. None of the separate work authorization is needed. Moreover, the students under school leaving age for state they study in also cannot work during the term or study time.

Additional info, advice and help

You can contact the experts online that are having years of experience to help people immigrate to the countries across the globe. For more advice and information on the visa applications and immigration laws, contact them online now. The students that want to study English on student visa should be enrolled in school which is registered provider of the ELICOs, English language program.