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Is IELTS Mandatory For Australian PR?

Australia is one of the most financially successful nations to seek permanent residency. Every year, millions of people apply for the immigration of Australia for permanent resident. Candidates for Australian PR are selected based on a defined points-based immigration system. A candidate scoring a minimum of 60 points as per this system which evaluates proficiency in the English language, educational degrees or relevant work experience can be offered  Australia PR through visa 189. However, there are also certain other visa classes which you should be aware of while applying for permanent residency Australia.

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Apart from this, IELTS examination is conducted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to evaluate the English language proficiency of a candidate. A candidate is required to score a minimum of 6 points as per the band system of the IELTS examination. IELTS is an initial step for candidates who are seeking Australia PR.

Why is IELTS examination mandatory?

IELTS is one of the first steps if you wish to apply [G1] for Australia PR process. IELTS examination checks the English language expertise of a candidate seeking to immigrate for a permanent or temporary duration to Australia.  This exam is also important because a majority of the population (76%) in Australia converses in English.  [G3]

What is IELTS?

The modules of the examination have been developed by the language experts at Cambridge English Language Assessment and managed by the British Council and IDP Education Australia.

IELTS assesses the English language skills in terms of speaking, reading, writing and listening. IELTS modules are available in two categories – Academic Module and General Training Module. For a candidate who is looking forward to Australia PR, its mandatory to appear for the general training version of this test. Speaking module is the most important part of the IELTS examination. A speaking language skill test is conducted in a one-on-one session with an examiner. The test contains scoring criteria ranging from a band of 1-9. The levels of English language proficiencies are evaluated as per below categories:

Competent English -To prove this level of English, a minimum score of 6 is needed in every IELTS band.

Proficient English – 10 points can be scored by the candidate and he can prove that he has proficient English levels provided he gets 7 or more in every band of IELTS.

Superior English –  A score of at least 8 should be taken by a candidate in every IELTS band to validate that he has superior English levels.

The IELTS test results are applicable for a time of 3 years if you want to apply for the Australia PR. After this period, a candidate is required to appear for the test again.

Apart from IELTS, a candidate can also appear for either of the following tests and get these scores to certify that he has competent English levels required for Australia PR:

PTE(Academic): The results of this test are also valid for three years. A candidate needs to get a minimum score of 50 in all the 4 bands of this test including writing, listening, speaking and reading to prove that their English levels are competent.

TOEFL(Internet-based test)[G4]: The results of this test must be as follows for anyone to qualify for Australia 189 visa.

·         12-listening

·         13-reading

·         21-writing

·         18-speaking

At Nile Migration, we provide you complete information about the validity of the tests which are applicable for[G5]  getting permanent residency Australia.

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