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Is It Wise To Apply For Australia PR If One Does Not Have Any International Experience?

People who are planning to leave their country so as to move or migrate to another location needs to comply with a lot of paper work and documentations. Only then they become eligible to get a visa for any foreign nation. Fortunately, in today’s time, the complexity involved in applying for a visa program of any country has been reduced gradually, all thanks to the government agencies.

Indian citizens who are preparing to migrate and settle enduringly in a foreign country can at first face some sort of obscurity as moving permanently to another nation, especially for those who have little to no international experience, is quite a huge step. However, in recent years the number of Indians who have migrated to Australia has increased significantly.

For what all reasons are people choosing to move to Australia? Is the immigration process very easy? Are the living conditions in Australia better than the one prevaling in India? All these questions can be answered in many ways but in general it depends entirely on an individual’s choice as to where does he want to begin his new life with his family.

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Now let us take a closer look as to how one can apply for a PR visa for Australia from India.

Procedure to apply for Permanent Visa for Australia from India:

Unlike the visa programs of other countries, applying for an Australian permanent visa program is relatively more convenient. Due to the presence of proper governance and immigration policies, the procedure becomes quite simple and easy to understand. In order to apply for a Permanent Visa program for Australia the applicant, in this case Indian citizens, needs to follow certain steps which are mentioned as follows:-

  • Check the official website for Australian visa program where you can find details about all the relevant documents that needs to be submitted at the time of filing the application form.
  • The applicants are required to present an EOI document. The concerned authorities will evaluate this document and accordingly assign you marks based on certain criterias.
  • Once the applicant pass this test with the required amount of scores, they become qualified to get a certificate of nomination.
  • The certificate of nomination and other important documents needs to be submitted to the immigration officers for further verification purpose.

What are the eligibility criterias for Australian PR visa?

The Australian immigration services have made it less complex for applicants belonging to other nations who wants to get enrolled in the visa program. Some of the basic eligibility criterias that the applicants need to comply with at the time of filing the application form are:-

  • The applicant should have lived for atleast 2 years in Australia before he/she applies for PR visa program.
  • They should have scored the minimun amount of marks in EOI.
  • The applicant as well as the family members needs to obtain a proper health certificate.

After all the requirements are done and complied with, you become eligible for applying under the permanent visa program for Australia.

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