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Maritime Crew Visa Subclass- 988

Everything you know about maritime crew visa subclass 988  

Maritime crew visa is only appropriate and allowable to foreign crew members who are beneath the offer of employment or employed. It is a temporary visa of Australia which is issued for 3 years to crew members. This Australian visa is used for non military ships on international voyages to Australia.

How does this visa work?  

Travelling to Australian continent via sea network  

This visa is authentic only if you are travelling to Australia by sea network. Maritime crew visa is for those who are willing to enter in the country via sea as crew, the partner or supernumerary crew, dependent child of the partner on the non military ship.

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Once you sign off from your ship whilst it reaches to Australia, you would get five days to leave Australia or move to other non military ship.

In case, the non military ship  break off its international voyages status and is proclaimed “imported” for domestic consumption through border protection service and Australia customs. You would have just 5 days to depart from Australian continent or sign in to another non-military ship. You can also get another visa from the department of Australia to continue your legalized stay in the country.

Travelling to Australian continent through air network  

Usually, maritime crew visa is not accessible for travelling to Australia via air network. If you are permitted to travel the country via air network then you can join any non military ship in Australia or else you should get any other type of Australia visa which grants to travel through air network such as visitor visa, electronic travel authority (ETA) and travel visa as well.

Requisites of maritime crew visa subclass 988-  

  • You should be outside of Australia.
  • You are required to be a crew member of a ship i.e. non military ship.
  • You are not a citizen of Australia.
  • You would only enter or depart Australia through sea crew or sea.
  • It is necessary to hold moral conduct as well as good conduct.
  • You should not have any kind of outstanding debts to the government of Australia or else you are capable of paying the same.

Benefits of maritime crew visa subclass 988- 

  • It will permit you to come into Australian continent through sea network and the work that meets the operational needs of the ship when you are in the country.
  • It will grant or allow you to travel to and fro numerous times with this visa.

Maritime crew visa ends- 

  • If you are occupied in some other work which is not related to normal operational needs of you non military ship while you are in country.
  • If you come to Australia via air network on transit visa without any other appropriate Australia visa and don’t report the ship within 5 (five) days.

Maritime crew visa subclass 988 will be cancelled or ends if you enter the country with any other visa except this visa.

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