My occupation is not listed on SOL, but it is listed in the CSOL. Can I still apply for Australian PR? How do I go about it? Kindly help

If your occupation is not listed in SOL, you need not have to worry you can look into other list through which you can apply for visa. CSOL category has a list of occupation in numbers which are more than 550. So, almost all the occupation can be spotted there.

Visa application is a tough task but if you are known to the proper rules and familiar with the process to apply for visa then, it is not a big task to get immigration of Australia for permanent resident. You can easily do it.

Otherwise if you don’t have suitable knowledge and want to know about, then you have options to hire immigration consultants and fetch help from them. When you will talk with them as per your situation they will suggest you the best category to apply for visa so that you can get your visa in time. Also, they will help you in arranging the required documents which are needed to submit while applying. It is a wise decision to hire a consultant as this escapes you from any kind of mistakes commission while you are applying.

If you want to settle in Australia permanently for that you want to have permanent residential visa. To get permanent residential visa for working and living in Australia there are two categories: SOL and CSOL

Both of them have number of similarities while few differences are also there about which you can know from the text given further.

About SOL

It is applicable for the people whose occupation is listed in SOL. In SOL, on an average more than 150 occupations are listed in this list. Anyone with occupation within the listed one is eligible under subclass 189. If you are the one under this category then you can live and work in Australia. This visa is completely skill independent.

For this visa category no certain nomination or sponsorship is required.

About CSOL

This category is eligible for the people who belong to the list of occupation which are there in CSOL list. There are more than 550 occupations listed in CSOL. The one who is eligible in this list can apply for visa under sub class 190. For this visa category one needs to be nominated or sponsored from the state government. This is the state sponsorship.

  • Additional points are given in this category
  • Two year nomination is required

Also, there are some occupations which are listed in both of the category. So, the ones within that occupation are free to apply through any of them.  For immigration to Australia from India for permanent residential these both categories can be considered. So, if you don’t find your occupation in one you can apply through other one as CSOL has a large number of occupations under it and there are more chances for you to get your occupation in it.