Non-Award Sector Student Visa Subclass – 575

The Highlights and Eligibility for Subclass 575

Subclass Visa 575 is the Non-Award Sector Student Visa which is designed to invite and authorize the international students to stay and study in Australia. Under this visa category the international students can study any fulltime course at Australian universities like non-award foundation studies course or individual modules/components of a course which doesn’t lead to awards like diploma, degree or certificate. The students who want to pursue non-award courses which don’t lead to any award or degree can apply for Subclass 575 visa in Australia. There many benefits and highlights of this visa category which will be discussed below and also the eligibility criteria which you need to meet to qualify for this visa category.

The Features of Subclass 575 Visa 

Subclass 575 is the student visa which offers multiple benefits to the applicants and some of its feature is as follow.

  • It allows you to stay and study non-award foundation courses in Australian institutions
  • It authorizes you to study fulltime courses or components of courses which doesn’t lead to any Australian Awards except for ELICOS
  • Apart from studies, you can also work in Australia for up to 20 hours per week and unlimited hours in public holidays
  • You can also bring eligible dependant family members along with you in Australia and the eligible members of your family can also work along with you for up to 20 hours per week after the commencement of the course
  • It also allows the partners of the applicant to pursue any course which last up to three months only

Eligibility Criteria for Subclass 575 

The applicants need to meet the following eligibility criteria to qualify for Subclass 575 visa. Please ensure to check the eligibility criteria properly prior to applying for the visa category.

  • You need to provide the proof of acceptance to study any non-award course or modules/components of a non-award course at the Australian institutions. It can be confirmation of enrolment letter, electronic confirmation of enrolment code or letter of offer.
  • It is necessary that the applicant meet the English Language Proficiency level set by the authorities where they are intending to study
  • Sufficient funding to support their accommodation, tuition, travel and maintenance cost for themselves as well as for the dependant family members
  • Meet the different health and character requirements with clean criminal records
  • The applicants also need to satisfy the officials that they are not intending to stay back post the course.

What is the Subclass 575 Visa Application Charge? 

The rates and cost of the Subclass 575 Visa actually vary depending upon application type. The visa for independent applicant is only $535, while the charges may increase for additional applicants of 18 years and above. It would cost around $405 plus $535 and $135 would be charged for additional application for applicants under the age of 18 years. These costs are not including additional charges like police certificates, health checks and other charges.