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Postgraduate Research Sector Visa Subclass 574Q

An Overview Of Subclass 574 Visa And How To Apply It!

Postgraduate Research Sector Visa Subclass 574 is basically the student visa which is designed to authorize the international students to pursue international research based Master’s Degree or Doctoral Degree in any Australian University which leads to PhD award. This is the student visa and there are certain legibility criteria which foreign students need to meet in order to secure this student visa. Under this visa category the international research students are allowed to stay and pursue postgraduate research at Australian University for a specific timeframe. It is a temporary visa which allows the applicant for multiple exits and entries in Australia during the validity of the visa.

What are the Highlights of Postgraduate Research Sector Visa Subclass 574?

There are many features and benefits of Subclass 574 visa and students applying for the visa can enjoy the following visa benefits.

  • They can stay and study in Australia
  • You can also bring eligible dependant along with you in Australia and stay for the duration of the visa
  • The students are also allowed to work during their stay in Australia for up to 20 hours per week and unlimited hours during the holidays
  • The eligible family members of the students are also allowed to work for up to 20 hours or for unlimited hours in Australia
  • The common law partners of the applicants can also pursue any course which last for a timeframe of three months only

The Eligibility For Applying for Subclass 574

In a bid to qualify for the Postgraduate Research Sector Visa Subclass 574, the applicants need to meet the following eligibility criteria.

  • They need to provide the acceptance on any Master’s or Doctoral degree research program at the Australian University or other research centre in Australia. They need to provide Confirmation of Enrolment Letter, Letter of Offer or Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment Code.
  • They must provide the statement of their bank account to proof that they have sufficient funds to support their studies, courses, living and health during their research years in Australia
  • They also need to meet the English Language Proficiency level set by the organization where they are intending to study
  • Meet the different health and character requirements
  • They must also have health insurance which provide coverage overseas for any health conditions

What is the Subclass 574 Visa Charges?

The Postgraduate Research Sector Visa Subclass 574 has very nominal visa charges which range from $530 to $570 with additional charges for health, police verification and other certificates and test which the applicants need to pay additionally apart from visa charges. These charges are exclusive of character checks, health test and police certificate costs. There are also other arrangements which the applicant needs to make with their own cost.

How to Apply for Subclass 574 Visa?

You may either apply offline by submitting your visa application along with the supporting documents at the visa office of Australia or there is also a provision to apply for Subclass 574 online. If you are applying online, then ensure to lodge your application at least 12 weeks prior to the course starts