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Regional Skilled Immigration Scheme Visa

Everything you know about regional skilled immigration scheme visa  

Regional skilled immigration visa is for the skilled people or individuals who wish to work in the regional areas of Australia. This visa grants you to work in the country under any one of 3 (three) streams-

  • The direct entry stream.
  • The temporary residence transition stream.
  • The agreement stream.

Eligibility criteria to obtain this visa- 

Employment requisites-  

  • Should be lawfully and energetically operational in the Australian country.
  • Must provide the permanent employment offer for full time and show the real need of the employee or worker of specific skills from overseas.

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  • Should obey the local and migration laws.
  • The employer’s business should be started and laboriously engaged in the activity for which it is registered in the regional areas of Australia ( including all areas except Gold Coast, Newcastle, Brisbane, Melbourne and wollongong).

Position requisites- 

  • Position must be full time and continuing for minimum 2 years or 24 months from the employment date.
  • According to the Australian legislation laws, favorable working conditions should be provided.
  • Occupation or position provided must fall within the SOL scope.
  • The position needs a person or individual with at the minimum of Australian equivalent trade, higher qualification or diploma.

Employee requisites- 

  • You should be nominated for a job by an approved employer of Australia.
  • Must have positive skill assessment regarding the nominated job from the assessing authorities of Australia.
  • You must have at least three years of working experience to grab nominated occupation.
  • If the nomination is for senior executive position, then the salary must be around 250000 per year (excluding superannuation and some other privileges or benefits).
  • Determine that you own the required or needed skills which are necessary for the occupation and you must have relevant registration/licensing if the occupation demands for it.
  • You must be under the age of 45 years.
  • Applicants must have functional English ability.
  • He must have worked in Australian country for at least two years or 24 months on qualified visa.
  • Must go through character and health examination before submitting the visa.

Application process of regional skilled migration scheme- 

Step 1- employer of Australia nominates skilled and suitable workers for vacant position and applies to RCB (regional certifying body).

Step 2-  RCB (regional certifying body) estates the submitted application against particular criterias that includes actual requirements of the paid employee from overseas or any other individual working temporarily in Australia.

Step 3- If regional certifying body get convinced, it issues certificate.

Step 4- Australian employee can accept the offer and apply for the approval of visa.

Benefits of regional skilled migration scheme visa- 

Here is the quick list of regional skilled migration scheme (subclass 187) visa are as follows-

  • Applicants can stay and work on a permanent basis in Australia.
  • Freely study in Australian school and university as well.
  • Applicants can access some social security payments.
  • You will receive subsidized healthcare by Medicare and the pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS).

If you want to apply for regional skilled migration scheme visa, consult the best immigration agent and know everything about this visa.

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