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Requirements for Australia Permanent Resident Visa

Requirements for Australia Permanent Resident Visa

Requirements for Australia Permanent Resident Visa

To apply in Australia, you need to carry out the following process:

Arrange all the application requirements: The process for the application of Australia PR visa needs the IELTS test card. The candidate should know that he should have been able to manage a score which is not poorer than 6.0 in any band.

Apart from this basic requirement, the other requirement includes, adding, the Skill Report. This report is only recognised once it’s generated by the legitimate skill evaluation authority in Australia.

Pick the right visa: You can be eligible to get the PR as per different visa categories which include, the186 visa (Direct entry through employer sponsorship), the 190 visa (state sponsorship) and the 189 visa(entrance points for skilled workers). At Nile Migration, you can be acquainted with the visa choice which is right for you.

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Select which occupation can get you a visa: There are separate occupations which have been categorized for the visa categories of, 189, 190 and 186 visas. Check with us to know, where your occupation actually does fit up?

Make the correct application: At Nile Migration, our consultants file the correct application for the visa selected by you. After ensuring that you have the correct point score of 60, our consultants give the support to you in filing and documentation after receipt of an invite either as per the 189 or the 190 visas.

Procedures after getting an invite for the visa: Once you get an invite we make sure that things are sorted for you. The candidate has to prove that he has the relevancy for the invite and include the degrees which should be adequately converted into English. The candidate should know, that we assist with the health checks. You have to undergo these health checks mandatorily for getting your visa after the invite.

It’s important to get the health checks in time because they have a validity of one year. All this and much more intricate knowledge about the visa procedures can be taken from us.

The team at Nile Migration helps you with all the, PR visa assistance for you. You can get the assistance on how to take your family there on the PR visa. So, you can sit back and get the requisite help, by just registering with us. We take care of all the hassling formalities which can make your immigration so complicated. So, you can get assistance about taking all your family members abroad with us, through our well-experienced consultants.

This can include the dependent children and any newborn children. You can get to know what documents are needed for getting the PR for your kids.

Handling everything that can happen after the creation of your Expression of Interest is our responsibility. So, you can sit back while we make the changes to your application while your address undergoes a change or there is adding together of a new person to your family like a marriage takes place or someone is born. So, we assure you the best with our endeavors for your  Australia PR visa.

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