State/Territory Sponsored Investor Visa Subclass – 893

Become a permanent resident of Australia: Get the State/territory sponsored investor visa subclass 893

There are a lot of people, who desire to visit Australia for various purposes like education, setting up a business, spending holidays and for working. Therefore, many visa options are availed by the government of Australia as it welcomes the immigrants from all over the world with open arms. But if a person wonders to get a permanent resident there is another type of visa for them i.e. the state/territory sponsored investor visa subclass 893. However, being a permanent resident of Australia does not make you its citizen but only permanent residents could apply for Australian citizenship when they get eligible the way of application varies as it depends on the circumstances of the one who is applying.

Get Sponsored 

The most necessary thing that applicants have to keep in mind is that, they have to be sponsored by a territory authority or the state and should hold an investment within the geographical area of Australia to get the state/territory sponsored investor visa subclass 893 and become a permanent resident of the country.

Required eligibility 

The eligibilities that are required in order to get a permanent visa are-

  • Before applying you have been residing in Australia for two of the four years.
  • Holding a state/territory sponsored investor visa already.
  • A serious commitment for continuing the investment in Australia.
  • There should not be any case of an illegal business activity on the applicant as well as on his or her partner.
  • Both the applicant and his or her partner should be in a sound health and moral condition.
  • All the conditions required for provisional business visa have to be met by the applicant.
  • Have held the investment of 750000 Australian dollars continuously for about four years in applicants or his/her partner’s name.
  • There should not be any due debts to Australian Government or if there is any the arrangement of its redemption should be done.

The entitlements of availing this visa are- 

  • Get the right to reside within the geographical boundaries of Australia.
  • Work in Australia in the duration of stay.
  • The person could enroll in the Australia’s medical scheme i.e. Medicare.
  • After meeting the requirements one even gets the privilege of applying for the citizenship of Australia.
  • Travelling from and to Australia is being allowed since the day one gets the visa and till time period of five years.

Along with all the benefits mentioned above one could also become the sponsor of his or her relatives and friends for becoming the permanent residents of Australia. Although, holding a state/territory sponsored investor visa subclass 893 does not gives you and your family the advantage of accessing to the social security payments but one could be qualifies for a special benefit payments from the Centre link in the case of a worse condition or crisis or change in the situations beyond control of the visa holder.