Study Visa For Australia Sub Class – 572

Want to study in Australia: apply for sub class 572

Studying in Australia 

There are many students who want to go and study in Australia from all over the world. Australia has 8 universities in the list of top 100 universities of the world. As a host country Australia always welcomes the immigrants from different parts of the world to visit Australia for a number of reasons and getting education is one of them. That’s why Australia is one of the countries to have a lot of students from another country. All a student needs is to apply and get a subclass 572 visa.

Benefits of studying in Australia- 

There are a lot of advantages of visiting Australia for the purpose of studying. The following could be the reasons for it-

  • High standards of living
  • Excellent system of education

As well as one could grow culturally along with growing academically as there are various cultural belongings of Australia, Opera being one of them.

Requirements for studying in Australia 

If a student desires to study in Australia he or she should be a holder of a subclass 572 visa. This visa enables an immigrant to study following courses in Australia namely-

  • 1, 2, 3 and 4 certificate, ELICOS being the exception.
  • Graduate certificates for vocational
  • VET diploma

Along with the advanced VET diploma

Criteria required for getting a sub class 572 

  • One must be enrolled in a full time period course with CRICOS (commonwealth register of institutions and courses for overseas students).
  • The current situation of the aspirant must show that the purpose of visiting Australia is just studying and after being done with it you must leave.
  • All the medical examinations should be cleared.
  • Must know stand and speak the English language and have enough amount of money to pay the fees of tuition along with the residing expenses.
  • Must have sound moral and mental condition.
  • There should be a Health insurance of OSHC (overseas student health cover).

Permission should be taken, by a person who is below 18 and wants to study in Australia; by the parents or someone who has the legal authority to decide his or her residence. There are various benefits of holding this visa can help the student to study for the full course of time, as well as the dependents of student can join them if they are able to afford the expenses according to living standards in Australia. One could work for 40 hours within the time period of a fortnight while college is running and for unspecified period of time in breaks. The accompanying partner has also the right to study for maximum time period of 3 months. If the accompanying partner desires to study more than the time period of 3 months he or she have to apply for a separate individual visa for that. Under this visa a student could also do the course of diploma in vocational graduation. Therefore, if you are planning to study in Australia don’t limit yourself just apply for the visa.