Temporary Visa For New Zealand Citizen Subclass – 461

Temporary Visa for New Zealand citizen family relationship (Subclass 461)

This is a temporary visa which is designed for a person who’s family member are the citizen of New Zealand but he/she is not the citizen of the country. It allows the person to live in Australia and work from there for about 5 years.

Criteria of eligibility 

  • You should not be the citizen of New Zealand
  • You need to be a qualified family member to someone who’s already living in Australia who holds the special category visa (subclass 444) or either may get one as he/she enters the Australia.
  • You also need be physically fit without having any major health issue and have a proper moral conduct. It will entirely depend upon your own personal happenstances which includes the time period you’ll be staying there and the results of the health examinations is only valid for 12 months of duration
  • Try not to have any debts under Australian government but if you have one try to pay the debt before accessing for the Visa.
  • You won’t be able to achieve any health insurance under the Australia’s National Health Scheme except if there is a reciprocal health care agreement between your country and Australian government. Until then you are responsible for your own health for the time you are living in Australia.

You also need to be related to the person having the citizenship of New Zealand under the relationship:

  • Your partner is the citizen of New Zealand
  • Your own child is living in New Zealand or your partner’s

Temporary visa benefits 

  • This visa allows the person to work and study in any part of Australia for the duration of five years.
  • It also allows the person to travel back and forth for endless number of times till the visa has its validity.

Cost of the visa 

New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Subclass 461) costs for around $325 which is based on the charges of the application

Additional charges for the applicants of the age eighteen and above will cost around $165

Additional charges for the applicants of the age under eighteen and below will cost them for around $80

Some additional charges 

  • Medical examination: the cost is directly paid to the doctor who’s conducting your medical examination
  • Police check: this step to be done by the same authority the country where you’ve lived for more than six to twelve months depending on subclass of the visa
  • Translation of the documents and the certificates depends on the person certifying them and the number of copies needed to be certified.

You can increase the time of your stay byre-applying another visa for New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Subclass 461). You can even include your partner, child or step child into your visa application during the lodgment timing. The family members also need to give their health examination and character certificates as per the requirements of the Australian government.  You also need to obey all the conditions and laws of Australia.