Temporary Work Visa Subclass – 420

Want to work in Australia? Get the temporary work visa 420

Visas are the documents which gives a person an accessibility to enter a country legally. Each and every country in the world provides visas for foreign natives to visit their country for any of the purposes such as work, entertainment, travel and stay, and the visas are divided likewise regarding purpose of visit. This visa, temporary work visa 420 is provided by the country Australia for work in entertainment industry for a while which includes stay and work in the country as well.

It is a temporary work visa which allows you to work in the country in entertainment industry such as film, television or live productions, whether one is performing or a support to the production as being a director, producer and other production’s person.

Who are eligible to apply this Visa? 

There are several requisites, you are required to present while applying this visa, and these requirements are laid down by the government of Australia itself which are must to follow for temporary work visa 420.

  • Requirement of skills and work experience in the proposed occupation
  • Proposed by an approved entertainment sponsor
  • Requirement to have needed financial support for you and your family during the stay
  • Health insurance is must as well
  • Track record of having a good behaviour and health

What are the ways to apply this visa? 

  • These are processes which you need for this visa.
  • Patronage by an Australian unit or organisation whether government agency or other eligible entertainment patrons.
  • Proposed by entertainment patrons who put you forward to undertake a position.


Validity of this temporary work visa subclass 420 is two years or the duration of proposed position, whichever was earlier.

What is the eligibility to become a Patron? 

Even if you wish to become a patron, you are required to fulfil an eligibility criteria as same as you are required in applying this visa. Here are some requisites you are needed to fulfil.

You are required to be a legal Australian body such as company, corporate unit or a federation run by an unincorporated body in Australia.

  • Required to be an Australian firm or entity
  • Any foreign government unit which is operation in Australia
  • Required to be native of Australia, a permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand’s native who is a usual resident of Australia

Advantage of this visa: 

  • Temporary work visa subclass 420 permits you to work in the entertainment industry as a performer in a film, theatre, television, radio and concert or film productions.
  • It also permits you to work as a unit member at any entertainment production.
  • Permits you to stay in Australia for the duration of two years
  • You may travel around the country many times as much as you wish until the visa is valid.

So, if you are also one of those who wish to work in Australia’s land and beautiful surrounding, get temporary work visa subclass 420.