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Training And Research In Australia Subclass- 402

All You Need to Know About Visa Subclass 402 for Training and Research in Australia  

Visa Subclass 402 is the temporary visa category that allows applicants to visit Australia for Training, Professional Development and Research Work. It is not a substitute of skilled and working visa and the prime focus of this visa category is to authorize the eligible applicants to access the sponsored work based training and development or research program in Australia undertaken for short to medium term. Visa Subclass 402 for Training and Research in Australia enables the applicants to visit Australia to participate in any occupational training and research as a visiting academic or participate in professional development program.

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What are the Streams of Visa Subclass 402 for Training and Research in Australia?  

The Visa Subclass 402 for Training and Research in Australia actually has three streams namely:

  • Occupational Trainee Stream – Applicants that are looking for structured workplace based training or research in a bid to improvise their skills in the present occupation, field of expertise or area of tertiary studies.
  • Professional Development Stream – This is for managers, professionals and government officials who are sponsored or invited to participate in the professional development training program held in Australia. This program is required to be arranged by the employer outside the nation and it usually last up to 18 months.
  • Research Stream – This is for the academic professionals who are invited in Australia so as to participate or observe Australian research projects at any of the tertiary or research institution in Australia.

Who are Eligible for Visa Subclass 402 for Training and Research in Australia?  

Applicants can be eligible for Visa Subclass 402 for Training and Research in Australia if they are sponsored by any of the following:

  • Training and research sponsor that has lodged the sponsorship application and has approval for it
  • Approved professional development sponsor
  • Approved visiting academic sponsor or any occupational trainee sponsor

Some of the other eligibility are:

  • Applicants must meet the visa requirements of selected stream
  • Must have Genuine intention to stay in Australia
  • Sufficient finances to support their stay in Australia or anyone accompanied with them in Australia
  • Sufficient arrangement to support their health

Meet the character and health requirements

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