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Transit Visa For Australia Subclass- 771

Fly Through Australia, Subclass 771- transit visa for Australia 

Transit visa 

A transit visa is visa which allows it holder to stay at some place for very short span. You may need this visa if you need to pass by any foreign country to reach your destination country and you do not belong to the nationality of any of those countries. The transit visa has been categorised into two types:

  • Airport transit visa (to pass by the international airport zone without entering in the territory of country)
  • Short stay visa (it allows you to stay in foreign country for a time span of 72 hours and you must return in the same time)

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Transit visa for Australia 

If you are travelling some other country, and you need to pass by Australia then you will need Subclass 771- transit visa for Australia. If you hold this visa you will have authority to transit by Australia and it will allow you to stay in Australia for 3 days but yes, you cannot stay there for more than that. The officials even have authority to put penalty on you if you stay there for more than 72 hours without extending the visa.


You will be eligible for transit visa subclass 771, If you fulfil certain terms and conditions:

  • If your family members are travelling with you then you and your family members must hold valid passports.
  • All of you should have your health certificate which clearly states that you are physically and mentality fit.
  • you don’t owe any outstanding debts to government of Australia and if you then you have arranged the sufficient funds to pay your debts.
  • You must have your tickets to your destination country along with all necessary documents.
  • All your documents should be original and verified to make sure that you aren’t cheating on the government or misleading the authorities.


There is no exact estimate amount mentioned that how much it will cost you to get transit visa, but you will need to pay base application charges to apply for visa along with the additional applicant charges (which will differ depending upon your age group).  Make sure that you have sufficient to expense on your living and travelling after sponsoring your visa. You will have to bear the additional charges on your medical examination and police check (to make sure that you haven’t committed any crime). Along with that you need to get your identity documents verified by the responsible authorities.

You need to pay for your stay in any country and if you don’t have to stay in foreign country for very long it is waste to get expensive visa. There are so many visa types and you can choose one according to your need. Subclass 771- transit visa for Australia can be helpful for you if you need to visit Australia for any business meetings or to meet any of your relatives staying in Australia. You can consult to your visa agent to know more about visa subclass 771 and get your paper work done.

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