What Are The Different Possible Options Of Getting Australia Pr Without Ielts

There are ways in which you can get the Australia PR with actually having the 6 BAND score in IELTS. For this, its possible that the candidate holds a degree from Australia which helps him get qualified for a visa 190.

There are following ways in which a candidate can earn points for any educational degree which he holds from Australia:

High performing graduates:Students can also have a graduation degree with a good score to qualify for the International Graduate stream of south Australia. These good scores can be defined as follows:

  • PhD degree from Australia: This includes a degree of PhD done from any of the three SouthAustralian universities. These universities are the Flinders University, University of Adelaide, and University of south Australia. As you all know by now, 60 points are needed to get a state nomination as per visa 190, apart from meeting some conditions which are specific to the state. He can get 20 points for this Australian PhD degree due to which he can manage to get the PR visa with a 6.0 score in the exam of IELTS.
  • Under this requirement, the candidate should have done his studies from this state and his degree must be a part of a CRICOS accredited course. Once doing his PhD from South Australia, he can get a waiver from getting the score in IELTS. The state nomination has 5 points for the candidate.  The same number of points also apply to a Masters course pursued from such a university if it involves doing some research which was included in the course work.
  • The candidate should have done a bachelors degree from south australia and scored an aggregate of 6.0 grade point average.
  • There are also honours courses in this country in which a candidate should have scored 6.0 GPA in the hons year.
  • He should have done a Masters from a south Australian University with 6.0 GPA in masters, prior to which his graduation should also have been done from this state.

There are number of occupations, the 1 year (on shore Australia)experience in which is included towards the provision of invitation for application to the 190 visa. However, you can get the 190 visa for such occupations once you are an Australian graduate and have work experience of atleast 1 year in this country. However, a competent English level is still required to be shown.

The best way for a candidate to get Australia PR, is to be in a relationship with an Australia permanent resident. This makes you qualified for the PR in case, you are married to the concerned person. Once you are married, you can get the partner visa 820 which is for a short term duration.

After you have been here for 2 years on visa 820, its possible to get the PR by applying for visa 801. The application for these visas can be made once your partner is ready to extend sponsorship support to you.