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What Are The Major Benefits And Requirement For 891 Visa?

Undoubtedly, Australia has a growing economy so investing in Australia proves to be really beneficial for the investors, there are also different types of investor visa categories so one can accordingly choose the category and apply. Investing higher leads to higher benefits, if you are ready to invest a large amount then there is no problem as with that you will get a number of benefits. The immigration process is also not that tough just that one needs to fulfil all the perquisites for the visa before applying.

How to apply?

In order to apply for the investor visa one needs to talk to a business agency, convince them and get their approval first. The processing time for the visa is almost 17 months but in a few applications it can extend to 20 months.

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The 891 visa is for permanent residence; with this investor visa a person and his family can get the following benefits:

  • Stay in Australia for an indefinite period of time.
  • Can work and study in Australia.
  • They can enrol for medicare and get the health care benefits that the citizenships are eligible for.
  • One can apply for Australian citizenship.
  • A person can also sponsor relatives who are eligible for permanent residence.
  • One can also apply travel to and fro from Australia for five years.

How can you get the investor visa or 891 visa?

A person can get the investor visa if a person:

  • Is a holder of the provisional investor visa.
  • Has lived in Australia for atleast 2 years in the past four years after applying.
  • The person and all the family members meet the requirements related to health and their character.
  • Able to meet the business requirements.

How to fulfil the requirements?

Business requirements:

  • The person applying or those applying with their partner should have a combined investment of 1500000 Australian dollars for a time period of atleast 4 years.
  • You are sure about your commitment to continue with the business in Australia.
  • The person applying along with their partner should not be involved in any illegal business investment activity.

Health requirements: Person applying should meet certain health requirements and the results for which are to be valid for 12 months.

Character requirement s

  • A person is supposed to provide a police certificate stating your character from every country you have stayed in. This only implies for the person applying for the visa and not for the family members.


  • Person applying for the investor visa should not have any debts remaining to teh Australian government and if the person has outstanding debts then that should be repaid before the visa is given.

So in order to apply for the investor visa one needs to fulfil all the requirements that are necessary related to health, character, debt and business except for the age and the experience requirements. Once all the requirements are fulfilled then getting the visa is not difficult.

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