What Do The Australian People Think About The Australian PR Visa Subclass 189 and 190?

Australia is not only one of the most peaceful countries all over but also presents excellent conditions to stay and work in the country. The most common routes adopted for gaining in roads into the country are the Australia skilled independent visa subclass 189 And the skilled nomination visa 190 South Australia.

The applicants of both of these visa types are granted access into the country after they have cleared the following interviews and paperworks. The Australian Government follows this skill-based immigration program so that they have a pool of quality to choose from for selecting their candidates. Eventually, not only do the immigrants benefit from the policies of the government but the community of Australia is a beneficiary as well.

The view of the people:

The people of Australia are known for their open natured approach towards life. They extend the same attitude towards the people, as these programs are skill based they know that the incoming gentry will be able to contribute directly to the prosperity of the nation. There have been some issues that were observed in the past where immigrants were subjected to behaviour unbecoming of model citizens. Such cases have been probed by not only the embassies of respective nations but the department of home affairs as well. Guilty parties were punished by the authorities and all matters have been resolved to the satisfaction of the grieving party. The presence of such isolated events cannot be said to reflect the mood of the entire nation, a handful of anti-social events should not tarnish the society

As far as the attitude towards immigrants under the above-mentioned visa subclasses are concerned, they are skilled visas. It means that an incoming individual can be sponsored only if there is no fit person found within the country to fulfil the responsibility of the post. In such a case, the nation stands to benefit from the incoming talent as they can learn from him/her. In the other one, which is not nominated by a sponsor, the incoming individual creates job opportunities for the people of the nation. Concludingly, the government has ensured that under both the structures, only skilled people (with proper language and financial efficiency) find their way into the country. Hence, it is a mutually beneficial scenario as a whole.

Mindset of the people:

The people are of an educated mindset. This has made them open to understanding a situation before criticising it. A large number of immigrants are from India, they have established their own community that makes others feel more welcome and at home in a foreign country. Australia is not unique in this aspect, there are other countries as well like, Canada, Germany, etc. that have adopted similar approach to their immigrants. Though some people have criticised this as robbing them of their rightful job opportunities, these voices are too few and too far in between to be considered.