What Does Australia’s Investor Visa (Subclass 891) Allow You To Do?

Australia has become the most sorted destination for a number of people, for a number of reasons. Whether it is study, work, travel or investment, there are innumerable opportunities here. But whatever your goal is, there is a visa requirement for you that must be fulfilled.

Australia’s Investor Visa (Subclass 891) is one such visa that can get you several benefits on your dream land. It is a permanent residency visa that lets you do a host of things such as live, study, work and much more. The visa is only available to people who are already living in Australia and are a holder of Investor provisional visa (subclass 162). It also allows the holder to live in Australia with their spouse or with their de facto partner.

Eligibility Criteria for Australia’s Investor Visa (Subclass 891)

Actually there is a lot that one can do with Australia’s Investor visa but for that they need to fulfill the following eligibility criteria, they should:

  1. Be a holder of provisional investor visa (Subclass 162)
  2. Meet all the requirements that are required to get Provisional Business Visa
  3. Have lived in Australia for a minimum of two years before they apply for the visa on paper
  4. Sponsor their eligible relatives to get permanent residency
  5. Meet all the health and character requirements that are standard
  6. Not have any kind of outstanding debts toward the government of Australia and in case they have any, they should have made all the necessary arrangements to clear those
  7. Travel to and from Australia for a period of five years. This is because after a period of five years, an individual will require either a resident return visa or any other visa if they wish to return to Australia
  8. Hold a designated investment of a minimum of AUD 1,500,000 which is made for the purpose of getting provisional investor visa (subclass 162). The investment must either be in the name of the applicant or their spouse and they must have held it continuously and for a minimum of 4 years

Benefits of holding Australia’s Investor Visa (Subclass 891)

Once an individual fulfills the above mentioned eligibility criteria, they can get Australia’s Investor Visa and enjoy the following benefits:

  1. They can live, work as well as study in Australia
  2. They can stay in Australia for an indefinite period
  3. They can easily enroll themselves in Medicare scheme and enjoy health care benefits as well
  4. They can manage activities related to their business and investment in Australia
  5. They can travel to and from Australia for a period of five years
  6. They can also apply for the Australian citizenship but only after fulfilling certain eligibility criteria
  7. They can also sponsor some of their eligible relatives for permanent residency
  8. In case they have already been granted visa, they can apply for a visa for their family member as well