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What Is Cost Of Living In Australia

Being one of the most prospective and luxurious places to settle, Australia has been successful in attracting the eyes of people from all across the world. One of the most important things that concerns almost everyone who are aspiring to move there is the estimate cost for staying over there. In order to help you out, the Visas Avenue Immigration, which is one of the leading and experienced companies dealing with immigration, provides and estimate cost for staying in Australia. The following things are considered in order to determine the cost:

  1. Size of family: The more the number of family members, the more is the expense.
  2. Cities of living: It is quite clear that the lifestyle in cities vary from that of the countryside and the rural areas and so the expenditure. Some of the prominent cities of Australia, such as Sydney, Brisbane and others are at the top in the list and hence living here would be quite costly.
  3. Choice of Accommodation: The cost of accommodation will also vary on the basis of having an individual apartment and shared apartment. The house rent will be split up in the second case.
  4. Individual Preference: The lifestyle you lead will definitely affect your expenses. If you are a regular visitor at the restaurants and prefer using branded clothes, your expense will increase accordingly.

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Key monthly expenditures and comparisons with that of India

If you are from India and looking for shifting to Australia, you would find a lot of differences when you compare the expenses in Australia and India, These are:

  • House rent, which is almost 500% higher than that in India.
  • Health insurance
  • Transportation
  • Groceries. It is more than 200% higher than in India.
  • Other usages such as electricity, mobile, gas and others)

Added to this, it should also be mentioned that the local purchasing power, consumer power and restaurant prices are also significantly higher than that in India. Thus a person from India will have to be ready and have an idea about the higher cost of living in Australia. For an Indian family consisting of four members, the monthly cost for staying in Australia will be between AUD $2800-3200 per month depending on the location of the place of stay and also provided that no luxury is involved in such lifestyle.

Thus, if you know how to plan and keep a track on the expenses, then you shall be able to manage swiftly in Australia without any economic burden on your shoulder. In favour of the new immigrants, Australia provides some social security such as health care coverage, subsidized education etc.

In case you need more information about documentation and other formalities for moving to Australia, then take the help of a professional who has experience in this field for many years. All you have to do is to fix the free appointment and get started with your queries. You would not have any scope of disappointment with the service and advise you would receive.

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