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What is the difference Australia 309 and 100 visa?

Many people have to migrate to other countries in search for a job opportunity or for settlement purpose. At times they have to leave behind their family and spouse while moving to a foreign location. Getting enrolled for visa program is a very complex task as there are many procedures that needs to be followed. A lot of paper work is required and the documents should be carefully verified by the concerned authorities.

For those who have migrated to the beautiful country of Australia in order to start a new life or for job purpose and wants their partner to join them now, the government of Australia provides the option to apply for visa program which can be beneficial for the people.

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Types of visa programs for Australia: 

There are two types of visa class which provides for the partner of an Australian citizen or an Immigrant to move to Australia:- Parnter (provisional) visa (subclass 309) and Permanent Partner visa (subclass 100). Let us now see the difference Australia 309 and 100 visa have-

  • A partner (provisional) visa (subclass 309)- Such visa subclass allows the spouse or partner of an Australian citizen to come and stay in Australia for a fixed span of time or on temporary basis. In order to get a permanent visa for Australia, you will need to first apply for visa (subclass 309).
  • A Permanent Partner visa (subclass 100)– Once you aquire a subclass 309 Australian visa, then you become eligible to apply for the permanent visa program. The Permanent Partner visa (subclass 100) allows you to stay with your partner in Australia permanently.

What are the eligibilty criteria for these visa programs? 

Like all the visa programs for other countries, the government of Australia also has some eligibilty criteria which needs to be fulfilled by the applicant to obtain an Australian visa. The following is a list of some essential criterias for difference Australia 309 and 100 visa:

  • Partner or spouse of an Australian citizen- Only those who are either married to or in a genuine relationship with an Australian citizen or a permanent residence are eligible to apply for the Partner visa program.
  • Registered Marriage- The applicant should have a legal marriage certificate issued by the government of Australia and his/her marriage should be legitimate as per the Australian law.
  • Age restriction- According to the Australian law, both the applicant and his/her respected partner or spouse should have attained the age of 17, only then they can be eligible for the visa program. They also need to have consent of their parents and family in this matter.

Application for the Partner Visa Program to Australia:   

The application form for a Partner (provisional) visa (subclass 309) can be filled by those applicants who are outside Australia. In case of Permanent partner visa (subclass 100) the applicant can be either outside Australia or can be staying in the country. The application can be filled online also by visiting the official website and once all the paper works get done, you will be contacted in regards to the allotment of visa.

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