What is the Difference Between the SOL and the CSOL for an Australian immigration PR Visa?

Everyone desires to live a sophisticated lifestyle, thus we prefer going working abroad and living three. Especially, country like Canada and Australia are at the top of the list when it comes of choosing a country to work. The reason why these countries are opted is that the quality of lifestyle there, education system, the health facilities available there and many more such reasons.

So, if you also have made plans to live in Australia and work there, for that you need to get a visa from the government of Australia. Visa provides you permission to live and work in any other country. Without a proper visa you are not allowed to travel to any other country. Also visa which is provided is only valid for a suitable period of time and you are forced to leave that country before your visa expires.

Also, if you want immigration of Australia for permanent resident, there are two categories to apply in occupation lists for permanent residential visa in Australia:

  • SOL which is abbreviated from Skilled Occupation List.
  • CSOL which is abbreviated from Consolidated Sponsored Occupation list

Further, there are two subclasses which lie in above named programs, they are:

  • 189: It is for SOL.
  • 190: This one is for CSOL

To know the difference between the two categories of visa application you can read the text given below. It will brief you up with the basic details about both of them and also will tell the unique characteristics of each.

Difference between SOL and CSOL are given below specification wise, you can go through the text below:

Skill set

Skilled occupation list has list of jobs in it if an applicant belong to that certain skill or job can apply under this category.

Visa application for sponsored and Non-sponsored

For SOL, you need not have to get nominated or sponsored but for CSOL, it is compulsory to have nomination certificate.

Occupation in terms of numbers

In SOL, there are 150+ occupations listed while in CSOL more than 5000 occupations are listed.

Point addition procedure

No addition is given to your skill ranking in SOL whereas in CSOL5 points are added.

Subclass category

SOL lies in 189 subclass while CSOL lies under 190 sub class.

Application process

Steps under SOL application for visa are:

  • Assessment of skills
  • EOI (Expression of Interest)
  • Visa application for DIBP

Steps under CSOL application for visa are:

  • Sponsorship or nomination application approved from State
  • Assessment of skills
  • EOI (Expression of Interest)
  • Visa application for DIBP

There is no huge difference between the two categories through which you can Apply for permanent residential visa.

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