What is the time Period Between the Application for a Tourist Visa and its Receipt?

Talking about the time period which is required to get an Australian tourist visa, its just 20 days. There’s no mystery as to why so many candidates prefer Australia for excursion. It has sandy beaches. Now, these are not like beaches found in any other country. These beaches are one of the cleanest beaches in the world.

All the Australian beaches are a fixture in themselves. So, you cant take your eyes off the beach once you are there. One of the spots most liked by tourists in this country is the Lizard Island. This island has twenty three beaches which are spread over the area of 1000 hectares. Lizard island is easily accessible from cairns through a  flight.

Once you are on this island, a heavenly stay at the private villa awaits you. You can either while your time gazing at the moonlit sky lying on the seats on the beach or opt for snorkelling.

So, you will want to know how to get an Australian tourist visa to be able to visit this stunning destination. This visa is for those who want to visit this country for short-term periods only which can range from 3 months to 1 year.

There are certain requirements in terms of documents which must be fulfilled for availing a visitor visa Australia:

  • The applicants for this visa have provide photostat pages of their passport to the VFS Global which is the authorised visa application centre of this visa.
  • They have to fill all the asked-for details in form 1419.
  • The Australia tourist visa also asks for the purpose why a candidate is going to this country. So, be prepared to submit all the details about your excursion like what are you going to do. The documents related to the finances of a candidate are as follows:
  • The bank account statement of the candidate which shows that he has funds to make him survive in Australia during the tenure of the trip.
  • The candidate can also show how many assets he holds in India. This will provide proof of his financial strength. These financial statements help the Australian government to understand, that the candidate will be going back to India after his visit is complete.
  • The best part about the visitor visa Australia is that someone can also, sponsor you to this country. He needs to provide a security bond for your behaviour during the stay in this country. If you act irresponsibly during your stay, his bond amount gets confiscated.
  • The sponsor can also decide to sponsor your costs incurred during Australian visit. In that case, bank statements are required for him to prove that he has finances to do so.
  • An online application is sufficient is necessary in case of those who are not in Australia.
  • However there are certain candidates who are in Australia on this visa, and need to get this visa extended, they can apply online also.

visitor visa Australia is the most amazing way to this country where you can have an otherworldly time.