Working Holiday Visa Australia Subclass – 417

Australian Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417)


These days many people look forward to applying for the visa of a foreign country to make sure they get an opportunity to stay at least for a year. Talking of which The Australian Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417) is one temporary visa that is specially designed for the individuals who fall in the category of 18-30 years of age and wishes to travel or work in Australia. This type of visa is valid for at least one year, and the person can travel as much time as he wants.

First Working Holiday Visa: Such type of visa is a temporary through which an applicant from the countries that are eligible for the application can apply. It is Working Holiday Visa for which you must be outside Australia when applying for the first time and when it is granted.

Second Working Holiday Visa: When applying for the second working visa, you must be in Australia when you apply for it. If you are applying outside, then you need to stay out till the visa gets approved.

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Know the Eligibility for First Working Holiday Visa

There are certain norms that as an applicant you need to follow to ensure that a Working Holiday Visa gets approved:

  • The person earlier must have never entered Australia on a Temporary subclass 462 visa
  • The person needs to have a valid passport from the countries that are eligible for the application
  • The person should not be more than 30 years of age and less than 18 years of age.
  • The individual needs to be a genuine visitor who wishes to have a holiday in Australia
  • The person needs to have good money to support on the working holiday
  • The person must have money enough to buy return ticket or onward travelling ticket once the stay period is over.
  • Dependent children cannot accompany the visa holder any time during the stay.

Know the Eligibility for Second Working Holiday Visa

The person who is planning to apply for second working holiday visa also needs to follow certain norms such as:

  • If you have followed with all the rules and regulations associated with your first working holiday visa
  • If you have not earlier held more than one working holiday visa
  • If you have accomplished at least 3 months of the work for which you had applied to the First Working Holiday visa in regional Australia

Note – It becomes quite easy to apply for Second Working Holiday Visa if you were in Australia area due to onshore job opportunity and had the first Working Holiday Visa.

Requirements with Regards to Health & Character

There are certain prerequisites that an applicant needs to understand while applying for such type of visa. These requirements are associated with the health, period of stay, citizenship of the particular country and the real purpose to visit Australia with health requirements valid maximum to12 months.

Health insurance

If you are the resident of the country that does not have reciprocal health care agreement with Australia, then you have to pay the healthcare costs and Australian National Health Scheme will not provide any cover to you.

Character requirements

The applicant needs to offer the character requirements which include a clean certificate from the police of the country where the person belongs or has lived for 12 months or more during last 10 years.

Debts to the Australian Government

Before you fix your traveling date, you need to ensure that there are no outstanding debts to the Australian government otherwise; you must have well arrangements made to make the outstanding payment before you visit Australia

Countries that are Eligible

Individual belonging to the any one of the following countries and holding a valid passport can apply for the working holiday visa for Australia.

  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Belgium
  • Republic of Cyprus
  • Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
  • Italy
  • Republic of Korea
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Japan
  • Malta
  • Norway
  • Taiwan
Working Holiday Visa Australia

Visa Benefits

With such type of visa, you can enjoy certain benefits such as:

  • You can stay up to 12 months in Australia
  • You can work in Australia for 6 months and then change the job.
  • You can also apply for studies for at least 4 months.
  • You can travel Australia as many times you wish till visa is valid.

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