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The US set to introduce immigration laws similar to Express Entry

Trump seems to be losing his foothold on his crackdown policies on immigration. 

States allowing own rules against immigration – USA New Express Entry Scheme

This is because there has been opposition posed by the court to such policies. The opposing House of Representatives and Senate are also against these policies of immigration. Now, it is been heard that some states under Republican rule are coming up with their own rules against unreported immigrants. Arkansas has come up with the banning of sanctuary cities where immigrants are sheltered and there is no follow up with the federal immigration organizations. The Republican members in Montana, Michigan and North Carolina are also implementing such bans. Florida is also going to pass a bill on banning of such sanctuary cities. The bill is going to be passed soon. 

But there is no stopping of such laws because Grand old party or the Republican Party as it is more commonly known has better control on the chambers of the Florida state legislature. The key reason, behind stopping immigrants from coming to Florida is because there have been incidents in the past where unreported immigrants killed local children. So, many parents in Florida were left without children.

Democrats against such anti-immigration laws

However, Democrats are against the passing of such laws. Democrats are against this Florida bill. There has also been the issuance of a travel alert to those who want to holiday in Florida because chances are they can be arrested based on their racial background.

When the elections are going to happen in 2020, there is a huge chance that Trump might lose the election. There are reports that the democratic party will be able to introduce a new law of immigration similar to the Canadian law of Express Entry.  Therefore, its no use feeling stressed with the lack of extension of the H1B visa right now.

Since the proposed law will prefer the candidates with skills, its good to have US experience. Although the immigration laws of the US are quite strict, there are 6,75,000 people who are invited as per it. 1,40,000 immigrants are called as per the work-based immigration(EB2 visa)

EB2 visa – USA New Express Entry Scheme

The permanent laborers are only invited as per these visa requirements, skilled workers who have experience of 5 years and professional who have college degrees, or if they have high-level degrees. This is the requirement for the EB2 visa(EB-2B Category) or if a candidate has amazing abilities in his profession. A candidate may also be able to get a national interest waiver. A national interest waiver can be given believes that his job can have a beneficial impact on the US as a nation. This implies he can file his PR petition on his own and do not need a labor certification. This way, he can quickly get the PR visa of US. The employer needs to file a petition on your behalf for PR.  There are three categories of the EB2 visa

  • EB-2A High-level degree
  • EB-2C National interest waiver(no labor certification needed)
  • EB-2B Amazing ability

So, since the rules for immigration are going to change, candidates with US experience don’t need to be disheartened. They will preference under the newly imposed system after the elections held in 2020.


IRCC announces 3rd Express Entry draw of January with new low in CRS score requirements!

Just after the previous draw on January 23, IRCC has surprised everyone with an Express Entry draw on 30 January 2019. For the applicants, this might mean more good news, because the CRS score requirement is the lowest in last one and half years. In fact, the cut-off is lowest compared EE draws last year. It is also evident that the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are not following their trend of fortnightly draws anymore. Here’s more on what you need to know.
3rd Express Entry Draw of January 2019
Here’s more on the latest EE draw.
The draw is open. The 3rd Express Entry Draw of January 2019 is open between January 30, 2019 to January 31, 2019.
The CRS score requirement for qualifying marks is 438 CRS points or above.
IRCC will issue 3,350 Canada PR invitations during the draw
Tie-breaking rule: April 26, 2018 at 05:00:46 UTC
Applicants who have got the invite must submit Canada PR application within 60 days after getting the invite.
Overview of Current EE draw
IRCC has surprised applications by creating records in Current EE draw. Firstly, the qualifying marks has dropped to the lowest in the last 16 months, which is now at 438 CRS points. This is surprising, given that the marks were never this low in the last year, when it was 439 CRS points, which was true for December 19 draw. IRCC had pulled up a surprise even then by opening an express entry draw within a week. It remains to be seen if this is some kind of a new trend to be watched on behalf of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
That draw lead to enormous number of 3,350 invitations, for applying for Canada PR issued to the express entry applicants. With this draw, the total stands at 11,150 invitations for January 2019, which is a whopping number to say the least. That’s also the highest number of Canada PR invitations ever issued in the first month for a year. Even for express entry applicants who have a who CRS score, this might mean some encouragement with draw results coming off as a surprise from IRCC.
Year 2019 might be the BEST time for applying for Canada PR
If you are interested in Canada PR or permanent residency in Canada, this year might be a good time to apply. There is a greater chance of getting obtaining Invitation to Apply (ITA), according to many people, more so because of the drop in CRS score requirement and frequent Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) draw opening.
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Express Entry Draw in 2019: IRCC again drops invitation cut off for 3,900 candidates in the 2nd draw

In the year 2019, IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has again launched a new draw on 23rd of January. The second draw has been launched to send out 3,900 invitations. The CRS cut off score has been reduced by 6. This way, IRCC is now able to invite such a large number of candidates.

Let’s see how the federal EE system is working. We are going to look into the latest draw and the key statistics of the system.

Second EE Draw of 2019

Check out the statistics of the second EE results:

  • Draw opening: The latest express entry draw is available from 23rd of January to 24th of January, 2019.
  • Required CRS score: The required CRS score or the points required for qualifying is 443 in the latest draw. So, candidates are required to score 443 points or more to get an invitation.
  • Invitations: IRCC wants to issue 3,900 invitations for Canada PR with the second draw.
  • Tie-breaking: The rule of tie-breaking had a fixed date and time for the second draw. This was 2nd of January, 2019 at the time 03:55:26 UTC

After getting the invitations, candidates are required to fill and submit their application for Canada PR within the first 60 days of the draw.

A new high in terms of total invitations

IRCC keeps on setting new records for the draw of Express Entry. The latest addition was the total number of invited candidates in the 1st and the 2nd draw combined. This year allowed 7,800 candidates to get an invitation through the 1st and 2nd draw. This is the highest invitation quantity allowed by the IRCC. For 2017, the initial two draws ended up with 6,236 invitations. The year 2018, got only 5,500 invitations during the initial two draws of EE. However, 2019 has shown a massive peak in terms of invited candidates for Canada PR.

Draw pattern has moved forward from the fortnightly trend

The EE draws used to be on a fortnightly pattern before. But the previous draws have clearly shown a shift. From 19th of December, 2018 to 10th of January, 2019, there was a clear gap of 22 days. Similarly, the latest draw on January 23rd was 13 days after the draw on January 10th. You should also focus on the CRS point requirement. The CRS requirement increases with respect to the increase in the gap between any two draws. This is because more candidates register in the system. The contrary is also true, which is why cut off score gets reduced.

Are you worried about your low Express Entry CRS Score?

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