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Business Owner Visa Australia Subclass- 890

Are you looking out to start a business in Australia but you are not a permanent resident or Australian citizen then you must know the following things.

  • The way of getting the right visa
  • Government and legal requirements that are necessary for businesses in Australia.

This article might guide you to the right direction. Please give it a thorough read.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection mainly deals with Australian Business Visa. If you are skilled in business and willing to set up and manage an existing business or a new business in Australia then you must opt for Provisional Business Innovation and Investment visas. But before applying for this visas you need to get nominated by a state or territory government. It is important for you to follow few steps.

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  • You need to submit an expression of interest through DIBP Skillselect.
  • Wait and see if a state or territory government is inviting you for application for a visa. Or else you can contact them directly.
  • In case you receive an invitation, it is essential that you meet certain requirements and you need to furnish documents for supporting your application.

If any of the provisional visas is granted to you, it will remain valid for four years and you will be able to complete the first step towards getting a Permanent Business Innovation and Investment Visa. You can also be eligible for the Permanent Business Talent Visa if :

  • An overseas visa is owned or part owned by you, if you possess a net business or personal assets of at least AUD $ 1.5 million and your annual business turnover is at least AUD $3 million.
  • Or at least AUD $1 million in venture capital funding in Australia is obtained by you for developing a high value idea of business.
  • You must have genuine commitments for maintaining investment in Australia.
  • Your past history is clean i.e you along with your partner have not been involved in any illegal business activities ever and don’t possess any outstanding debts to Australian Government.

The time and money for starting a business in Australia varies greatly as it depends on the business type you are willing to run and the licenses you are willing to get. For helping you understand what is involved we have compiled certain points.

  • It is important that you gather information about legal obligation, company structures, and Australian company numbers.
  • You must research a bit about government permits, licenses, approvals, codes of practices, registrations, standards and guidelines you will need for your business.
  • Jot down information about business planning, different business types and steps you must take before starting a business in Australia.

Setting up your own business is exciting but it requires things that you need to consider. Before starting the process it is important that you save yourself money and time and keep yourself updated about the things that are involved in running a business. Proper planning can only turn your dream into reality.

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