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042 Managers in Education and Social and Community Services

Express entry system of Canada manages the applications of the foreign nationals who apply for a permanent residence visa as a skilled labour. The individuals who are included in the express entry pool must have secured a minimum of 67 points in the Canadian skilled immigration Point calculator. This calculator scores the applicants to determine their eligibility as an immigrant to Canada. It takes into consideration six factors, namely, age, education, language ability, arrangement of work before applying, adaptability, and experience.

One of the highly demanded occupations is a role of a Manager in education and social and community services. The National Occupation Classification system of Canada is responsible to allocate each occupation a unique four digit code with a specific classification under which each occupation falls. This helps the prospective immigrants, refugees and citizens of Canada to verify their work experience. The role of a Manager in education and social and community services is included in the list of occupations that are eligible for a permanent residence in Canada as a skilled worker through the express entry system.

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042 managers in education and social and community services falls under Group 0 requiring Skill level A.0 group in National Occupations Classification (NOC) system includes all managerial jobs. By skill level- A it is meant that the worker should have an appropriate degree from approved institutions to prove his skills. Coded as 042, the occupation of Managers in education and social and community services is sub divided into three categories. These categories along with their NOC codes are:

  1. Faculty administrators who handle all academic related activities of faculties of college and universities.
  2. Registrars who deal with registration activities and academic records systems of colleges and universities.
  3. Administrators of vocational training schools are responsible for management of the operations of vocational schools .The approved vocational subjects are trades, technology, business etc.

School principals have the responsibility of planning,organising,directing,controlling and evaluating the performance and actions of teachers and other staffs in an elementary or secondary school. They are appointed by every private and public educational institution.

An administrator of elementary and secondary education system has the duty starting from planning, organizing, directing controlling and examining the affairs related to academics in a school system. All school boards employ such administrators.

To apply under this occupation, a bachelor degree is compulsory for all while a master’s degree may be required in certain cases. Years of experience as a senior teacher or the head of department is required. An individual must present a teacher’s certificate while applying. A principal certificate is required to be produced by principals of schools. A supervisory officer certificate may be required for the post of administrator.

  • 0423 Managers in social, community and correctional services :This categoryincludes managers who are required to plan, organize, control, direct and appraise the programs and activities of social services and community agencies, labour organisations, associations of professional personnel, correctional institutions, political parties, counselling departments and NGOs.

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