10 Smart Tips to Prepare your Application for Canada pr in 2018

Canada immigration has received a boost thanks to Justin Trudeau getting elected as the prime minister of this country. Its actually true that his efforts are geared in the direction of making Canada a more cosmopolitan and economically prosperous nation.

There are 10 steps that you can follow to get your Canada PR application approved in the year 2018

  • Find a RCIC consultant: First you should take the help of a RCIC registered Canada immigration consultancy. This is the easiest step you can take in the direction of getting a Canada PR. Whenever you go to the office of any agency like Nile Migration, the foremost step is to ask for their RCIC number which they will gladly tell you. RCIC stands for Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.
  • Arrange for a job: Consultancies like Visas avenue will help you complete all the formalities. When you go to a consultancy, you can get complete information from them about how many points are required to be scored. Apart from that, they also include you in the job bank portal so that you have no trouble in finding a job when you reach  Canada.
  • Get a feedback on your resume: This is not so tough given the kind of professionalism consultancies have. They can make sure that you get all your employment certificates arranged. This includes recommendation letters from the employers.

They also help you in writing a perfect resume including all your contact details, reasons for leaving certain jobs. You will be amazed to know that there is a  particular resume format required by Canadian immigration authorities. The resume should also have grammatically correct English. Its important that the resume should have all your technical skills listed properly.

  • Be aware of all the changes happening in Canada immigration laws: this knowledge will be gained on your behalf by immigration consultants whose job is to help you. They know about the changes in PNP programs and make sure that you apply under the right one.
  • Be aware of Canadian politics: Its likely that you can be asked questions about your knowledge of Canada during the visa interview. This includes questions on politics also. So, you should know, who is the prime minster of Canada.
  • Get better score in French: Its not an easy option now to skip the French exam. Its because with a higher score in the language test of this exam you become more eligible to get an ITA. With an NCLC 7, you can get a large number of 30 points. But don’t skip the English language exam then. You must get a score of CLB5 to receive these many number of points.
  • Check out the homes-You should have an idea about the home prices in different regions of Canada before thinking of immigrating here. For example, Regina has been ranked as the best city with a 74.5% score in the rank of affordable homes and prospects of finding jobs.
  • Know the cities: Its also important to know which province has need for which kind of workers. The city of Toronto has demand for professional from the finance domain.
  • Exchange your application with spouse: since the government of Canada awards higher points for a candidate who scores more in IELTS, its better to choose you or your spouse as the main applicant depending on score in the IELTS. The same rule applies for work experience and education also.
  • Choose the option of “all provinces” while making your profile of express entry: It will ensure you are able to bet selected by any province.