Alberta is one of the astound territory in Canada known for its cultural diversity, natural beauty, tremendous infrastructure and strong economy. The Alberta immigrant nominee Program (AINP) is for the people who are skilled and experienced and want to immigrate to Alberta. The objective of this program is to select the candidates on the basis of their skills and experience for the Alberta Nomination Certificate so that they can get permanent residency in Alberta.

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee program (AINP) consist of three streams:

  • The employer driven stream
  • Strategic Recruitment stream
  • Self- Employed Farmer stream

The pathways through which you can apply for AINP under these 3 different streams are as follows:

The Employer-Driven Stream: To apply for the AINP under this stream, you must have an appropriate job offer from employer in Alberta. And also, you must qualify under any one of the following three subcategories:

  • Skilled worker category: To qualify under this subcategory, you must have your formal education or specialization training and required experience as per the position. Also, you must be licensed from the valid Alberta licensing body.
  • International graduate category: To qualify under this subcategory, you must have completed your degree or graduate level credential from any approved Canadian educational institute. You must have the formal education as per the position you are applying for. You must have job offer, appropriate post-graduation work permit and full-time employer at the time of application.
  • Semi-skilled worker category: To qualify this subcategory, you must possess the qualification required for the job in any one of industries: food and beverage, hospitality, manufacturing, trucking and food services. To qualify under this subcategory, you must be currently working in Alberta and you must have at least high school level of education.

The Strategic Recruitment Stream: To apply under this stream, you must have the work experience and directly you can apply under any of the following subcategories:

  • Compulsory trade category: To qualify under this subcategory you must be living in Alberta, have a valid job, and must have the qualification certificates and must have invitation from Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry training.
  • Engineering Occupation category: To qualify under this subcategory, you must be having the education or training as engineer. You must have the no objection certificate from APEGGA and also must have worked the last 2 years in Alberta for any recognised Alberta employer.
  • Post graduate worker category: To qualify under this subcategory, you must be working as full-time employer in Alberta, must have a degree from an approved Alberta post-secondary institute and must have the appropriate post-graduation work permit.

Self-Employed farmer stream: To apply under this stream, you should take care of the following:

  • To setup farm in Alberta you must have proper financial assets and farm management experience.
  • You must have evidence that the Canadian financial institute is eager to finance the suggested farming enterprise.

Processing time: If you are applying for the AINP, then it takes 6 months of processing time from the date of the application received.