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Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS): A new stream under AINP

Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS) – AAIP

Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS) is a stream of the Alberta immigrant Nominee Program and is also called Alberta’s PNP stream. Alberta has introduced many changes in its Alberta immigration Nominee programs. There are, 2 immigrant nominee programs(Employer-Driven and  Strategic Recruitment) that have been discontinued. Earlier a job offer from an employer was necessary as per the Employer-Driven stream, however, it’s no longer in existence. The candidate who also has an Alberta qualification certificate for an in-demand trade in this province also can’t any longer apply because the Strategic Recruitment stream has also been ended.

Now, the stream which has replaced both these streams is the Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS). This stream is meant for those candidates who are working here in this province only.

Alberta Opportunity Stream

Conditions for being elected as per the Alberta Opportunity stream

  • The candidate should be working and living only in Alberta. Candidates living and working in canadian provinces other than Alberta are not allowed to, apply for this AINP stream. The candidate should be working in specified occupations. AINP has specified only certain occupations which are included in the different NOC codes of A, C, D, B, and 0 to be applicable for this immigration stream.

However, the candidate should have a valid work permit that has authorized such a stay. This work permit should have been gained on the basis of an LMIA.

  • All those international workers who have been working in Alberta without the LMIA are also eligible to apply for this visa, provided they were not required to, take LMIA because their appointment was a part of, a company transfer or they came to canada on a Working Holiday visa.

  • Candidates who have been working in Alberta as part of the Post Graduation Work permits handed out by the IRCC are also apt for this stream. These kinds of students turned workers are not expected to provide an LMIA to be appropriate as per the AOS.

  • The second condition is that the post-secondary credential pursued in Alberta should be one of those credentials(List of Alberta Advanced Education Approved Post-Secondary Credentials) which have been approved for the purpose of the AOS stream.

For the AOS, the most mandatory condition is that your occupation should be in the same domain as your education pursued in Alberta.

All those individuals who are self-employed are ineligible to apply as per this stream. Individuals whose occupations only allow them to be employed in specific seasons are also not eligible to apply as per the AOS stream.

The other conditions which are a requisite for you to apply in this province are:

  • The candidate should have excellent language skills. This implies he should have appeared for proficiency exams and received excellent scores. The scores imply CLB 4 score in either English or French. This requirement is likely to enhance CLB 5 in both of these languages from 14th June 2019.

  • However, if you are getting approval for the AOS on the basis of you being a part of the, Nurse occupation, then a higher proficiency in these languages, is expected from you. This proficiency should be nothing short of CLB 7 in English or if you have opted for French, it should be NCLC7.