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Apply Canada Working Holiday Visa From Australia

Apply for Canada Working Holiday Visa from Australia in 2022

There is so much in scope for Australians when they look forward to immigrating through the Canadian working holiday visa. This visa has the benefit that through it, the country of Canada is drawing young labor who are not elder than thirty years to its economy to lift up its annual GDP. On the other hand, the recipients of this visa, get to show, Canadian experience on their resumes which is so beneficial to landing up in high-level MNCs.

Canada Working Holiday Visa

You can get Canada Working holiday visa from Australia if you have a job in Canada or don’t have a job there. It’s better to understand that the job is not a mandatory condition for you to get this visa. However, there is a fund requirement of 2,500 CAD (Rs. 1, 25,000) which is required. It’s because once you don’t have those funds, nothing is possible. Under the Working Holiday stream of this visa, you can have plenty of freedom to look for employment there. And amazingly this time period is two years.

So, you have so much on your hands through this visa. So, you can get the experience of the working culture of this country through this visa because this is like an open work permit. You can work for a range of sectors which are here such as Mining, Urban Planning, Pharmacy, Aviation, Public Administration, and Software.

It’s important to be careful while looking for lucrative employment in this country. Make sure that you know what is specific to a company to frame a cover letter in the right manner. If you send the same cover letter to different companies, your chances of getting selected diminish. Once you are in Canada, you can take advantage of the most important part of the job search endeavor these days which is networking.

It is always important to get an appraisal from your previous employers in Australia to be able to get jobs in Canada.

Make sure that your health insurance is binding throughout your stay here. The Australian health insurance providers are there who can help you with this. There is a certain resume format that also needs to be used to provide Canadian employers with your resume. If a resume is not complying with the objectives of employment, it’s not going to be selected.  The other two categories where you have to show your employment letter beforehand at the time of putting the application papers for the Canada Working Holiday visa from Australia are:

Young professionals- The young professionals have to get a job offer in this country. This job recipient has to make sure that he does not get employed by anyone else except the stated employer. This form of employment again requires the candidate to make sure that there are funds of 2,500 CAD existing with him in his bank. So, this is a work permit which is restrictive because you can’t change jobs.

International co-op: This visa helps you with your internship in Canada. If you have been placed with a company in Canada, by your institution located in Australia, you are going to work here under Canada Working Holiday visa from Australia. This visa stream needs that an employee is not underpaid and his employment is rewarded in accordance with the wage standards that exist in the province comprising his employment.