British Columbia Provisional Nominee Program

The British Columbia, located on the western coast of the Atlantic region is the most important province of Canada. British Columbia is primarily known for its cultural diversity, marvellous infrastructure and its contribution to Canadian Economy and GDP. British Columbia Provisional Nominee Program (BCPNP) is for the people who set in the labour market and economy of the British Columbia. Those who got selected under the British Columbia Provisional Nominee Program will get nomination certificate and they will be eligible for permanent residency in British Columbia.

British Columbia Provisional Nominee Program consents applications under two immigration streams:

  1. Skills immigration
  2. Entrepreneur immigration

Skills immigration comprise of five subcategories as follows:

  • Skilled Worker category: If you are applying under this subcategory then you must take care that you must have received a job offer in your skilled occupation and also you must have at least 2 years of experience in appropriate occupation.
  • Health Care Professional category: If you are applying under this category then you must have experience as nurse, psychiatric nurse, physician or allied health professional and must have valid job offer.
  • International graduate category: If you are applying under this subcategory then you must have bachelor’s degree from eligible educational institution and must have a valid job offer from British Columbia employer.
  • International post graduate category: If you are applying under this category then you must be graduated with master or doctoral degree in natural science, applied science or health science from a valid educational institution of British Columbia.
  • Semi-skilled worker category: If you are applying under this category then you must be working in certain semi-skilled position in food processing, tourism, hospitality or trucking.

Express entry British Columbia: allows you to have the processing priority for both their British Columbia Provisional Nominee Program application and permanent residence application. Express entry British Columbia deal with the application under skilled worker category, Health care category, International graduate student category and International post graduate category

Skill Immigration Registration System (SIRS): British Columbia Provisional Nominee Program launched the new registration process on 27 January, 2016 namely SIRS, planned to process the received nomination applications. This is a point based system which gives the points to the candidates based on the factors like education level, years of work experience, employment offer etc.

Entrepreneur immigration: If you are intended to invest and settle in British Columbia then you can apply under this immigration stream. This immigration program comprises of following two categories:

  • Entrepreneur category: If you are applying under this category hen you should note that you have to be a senior manager or business owner as this category is for business owner or senior manager those who want to invest in business purpose in British Columbia.
  • Strategic projects category: If you apply under this category then your foreign controlled company can set up operation in BC. Only five foreign professionals, managerial or staff member can be nominated for permanent residency in British Columbia.

Processing time:

The British Columbia Provisional Nominee Program application could take up to 9 to 18 months in processing.