Can I Apply Tourist Visa In Canada While My PR Is Being Processed?

Countries like Canada attract lots of immigrants every year. But what is the reason of so many people making their moves towards this nation. The reason is quite simple and obvious. Canada is a country which is known for its diversity and at the same time, it provides excellent job opportunities and various facilities to the people appointed in Canadian companies.

In case you have applied for PR visa but it is still in process so you want to explore the fascinating locations of the country by making a pre visit. Is it possible to do so? The answer is a big yes. You can visit the country as a visitor while your PR visa is being processed but the applicant is required to fill up visitor visa application form Canada. Let’s learn how one can obtain visitor visa.

Main attractions of Canada:

Canada is known for various ecstatic and mesmerizing places but other than that this country is rich in:

  • The Canadian economy is very strong and advanced too.
  • The policies of government are transparent.
  • Fascinating areas and countryside beauty
  • Provides excellent and attractive living standard to its people
  • High quality of people’s life
  • It is rich in various tremendous outdoors like mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, skiing, snowshoeing trails, canoeing across the country of Canada.

Minimum Eligible Criteria:

In order to obtain visitor visa, the prospective candidate are required to fulfil below-mentioned requisites:

  • The applicant is required to attain the age of eighteen years before making application for tourist visa.
  • They should possess a valid passport that should not be required to renew for next six months.
  • They must be having sufficient funds to finance their stay and return from Canada.
  • They should pass the health and character requirements as specified by the concerned authorities or government of Canada.
  • They must convince the authorities of immigration that they are interested in visiting Canada genuinely and at the same time, they should provide valid reason that they will return their country once the time period expires.

Other requisites:

There are few other things that are needed to be possessed by the prospective applicant:

  • Resident visa of temporary nature
  • Medical examination
  • Invitation letter

The person interested in visiting Canada can apply through

  • Online application filling
  • Offline application filling

With the invention of innovative technologies, the process of getting immigration Canada visitor visa has become a lot easy from the previous days. Therefore, explore this opportunity and get the best out of it by visiting the captivating places of Canada. This is the best way to know whether you are ready to reside in that country permanently or not. Once your trip expires, you will have quite good idea about the culture and traditions of Canada. So apply and explore the Canadian soil but do not forget to capture the fascinating beauty and blissful moments.